Looking for my first small multi property in san antonio

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Hey everyone, so this year, Me and my wife are finally making our first step towards one of my goals for 2018. 

I've been reading, listening to podcasts and just doing my research, we have our funding and ready to just get out there. We plan on using the BRRRR strategy on multi-family homes. I'm still trying to figure out which is best to invest in SA seeing there is much more SFH then multi-family.

Since me and my wife just moved here from New York about a year and half ago we are looking for some contacts:

Investor friendly realtors

Good contractors

banks to refinance 

Good property management company’s 

Any local REI meet ups

Local Mentor if possible - that needs any help I’m handy since being a welder/fabricator I make furniture for our house and have some tools not much but could do a few things or help with anything else; picking up rent etc.

We have done research and have lists of most of these but wanted to see what local, experienced investors use.

We are very excited and motivated to start this year with our first property! Also, looking forward to networking with you fine people!

Networking is pretty important. Other friends in the business will help you. You will learn from them, they will learn from you. Maybe get involved in one or more of the meetings that go on in the city every week.

I have a free meeting tonight, no reservations, no fees, just show up. Here local in San Antonio. All the info is on my profile.

When you hang around people who are in the business, you will absorb so much.

congrats on getting going! they say e everything happens twice: once in your mind and once in reality! I think someone on the podcast suggested this so I'm just gonna paraphrase: rather than asking someone to mentor you, send them something of value. send a property with a business plan of how you would turn it around, send an article that might be relevant to the person for their business. it could be anything, but don't just ask what they can do for you, show them you can be of value to them first. best of luck!

@Rick Pozos great advice I will be showing up tonight!

@Jameson Sullivan thank you for the great advice i definitely want to be able to help out in anyways!

@Reaz Alli Great meeting you at the meeting Wednesday - Best of luck to you.


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