Looking To Take Awesome Property Managers to Lunch

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Hi BP San Antonio,

I am looking to find some awesome property managers that I can take out lunch on my upcoming trip to San Antonio. I wanted to meet with property managers in the area since I am new investor to the area and looking for some key insights into the rental market such as rents, days on market, etc. of some neighborhoods I have been following online. 

I've been following San Antonio as my wife's family is from the area, it appears to be a strong rental market, and the costs of entry into the market are more reasonable than my home market in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

If you all have any suggestions or interested in  meeting up, please let me know so we can set up a time to meet. I'll be in town from April 23-27.

Thanks in advance,


I hope someone jumps in here to give you a little help. I know there are plenty of property managers here on BP. As I mentioned in my PM I am not a property manager but know the city pretty well. Instead of blanketly asking who wants to meet up, I would do some research myself to find people who are active here and seek them out personally. 

Hey Rob, how did you trip go? I am from Napa and recently moved out to SA to start doing some real estate investing. Let me know if I can help with anything! 

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