San Antonio Investors

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Hey @Jose Aguilar you missed the meeting last night. I have a group that is meeting virtually right now, but should get back in person next year. There is also the BREW meeting that is coming up LIVE Thursday the 22nd in Boerne. Check out their Facebook page under BREW or mine under Bellizzima Investments.

But getting back to you. What are you looking to do?? Rehab? Buy and hold? Notes? Owner finance? Working towards your retirement so that you can be FIRE?

What do you want to do and how can I help you?

You should definately join @Rick Pozos group if you want to connect with other investors in San Antonio. I was present on yesterdays meetings and got some very valuable information from it. Do not be shy, eveyone is very friendly.

I'm and investor and real estate agent in San Antonio. Feel free to DM we anything real estate related.

@Rick Pozos I'm a newbie but I have a house in San Antonio that's free and clear. I'm looking to refinance or apply for a HELOC and invest in Florida or buy another in San Antonio, New Braunfels, or Texas. Would love to connect with you and discuss what areas to buy rental properties in that has potential for good cash flow. Haven't lived in San Antonio since I retired from the Air Force in 2003. Thanks.

Love the excitement, sorry I don’t have notifications set to to alert me. I am available for discussions and brainstorming sessions. I would enjoy hearing stories and ideas on building wealth. #InvestorFriends

P.S I also use other social media. Twitter, Insta, Facebook, etc I’ll get faster notifications there.

Just locked up my first fix & flip deal in downtown San Antonio. I also do quite a bit of business helping out local investors. Always open to expanding my network.

Got room for remote investors? I am interested in investing in buy and hold / BRRRRs in San Antonio. I personally love the city (love more reasons to visit!) and see growth exploding in the future.

Can I also be added for the virtual meeting if it hasn't happened yet? I am looking for REI in Rental Properties in San Antonio area, and would love to meet fellow investors.

Greetings all, I'm also a licensed agent in SA. I've lived here since 2003 and have started my own investing portfolio in the past 2 years. I'd love to connect with others in a similar mindset or space. My priority right now is finding private money. 

Good evening San Antonio!

Local realtor and accidental real estate investor. (Bought a house while stationed in NM, moved and rented it during a down market, eventually sold it and did pretty good) I've been stationed here in SA for 12 years now. I'm setting a Christmas goal for myself, pick a project, pick a lender and pull the trigger. 2021 is going to be BIG!

I will be digging through the other threads out there, but does anyone have a lead on a solid contractor?

Hi Guys. I am new to investing as well as new to SATX. Moved here from florida in feb. I im a project manager in high rise construction, specifically condos and hotels, but I've never dived into the buying/selling side of things. I am interested meeting similar minded people in SA. Currently looking for a duplex to house hack, then start BRRRing.

@Jameel Rose the group is on meetup under Real Estate Group of SA. It is hosted my myself and @Nick Disney There is also a live group meeting in Boerne. Look for BREW on Facebook, hosted by some good friends @Todd Nurnberger and his lovely wife Elizabeth and the kids. If you want to contact me, please do so. All the info is on my profile.

Has anyone had any experience with turnkey operators ? On the surface it seems like a less risky way to to started, but I'm assuming you're not going to be able to get a property for a deal. Anyone done any deals through a turnkey company?

@Mike Biasatti turn key is good if you're looking to park your money and build equity over time. You eliminate potential renovation headaches, property is income ready, and you're building the portfolio. Maybe use turnkey strategy on a property that would Air BnB well to maximize profit potential.