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There's also these guys:

Scott Horne -

Milton Colgrove -

and Bryan Dunklin (I can't find his website)

Edit: Full disclosure, I haven't used any of them professionally but I've met them all and you'll see them around the REI clubs here in DFW. So I'm not recommending any of them but they seem to know their way around real estate law.

As mentioned in another comment... Milt Colegrove from I have not used him in that capacity yet, but have developed a relationship with him and, based on that, can highly recommend his services.

Originally posted by @Joseph Gozlan :

this is a wide range there. If you have a specific task we might be able to point you to the right location. 

My AP lawyer is not the same guy as my CRE layer and not my title lawyer etc...

Whats AP & CRE mean? Not sure if I need to start a new thread but I'm looking for the following also:

A title lawyer for when I sell my house since I will do FSBO. Need someone to review the contract.

An eviction lawyer in case I ever need one. (hopefully not but like to prepare)

A lawyer for investing, house filpping, able to do purchase contracts. Same as for selling my principal residence?


AP = Asset Protection

CRE = Commercial Real Estate

Title lawyers work for title companies, any title company can handle your sales even if it is FSBO. Your buyer would probably expect a title insurance.

Any lawyer that specialize in RE and most general practice lawyers can draw a warranty deed for your property if you have a cash buyer that waives the requirement for insurance.

Eviction lawyers I don't have experience with but my PM does all that work w/o any lawyer involvement.

The rest is the same as your sale. Either a RE specializing lawyer or most general practice lawyers can help there.

Perhaps some of the names mentioned here would be sufficient, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend a CRE attorney. I'm looking to become a passive investor in a local commercial real estate group and before I signed any papers I was hoping to get some legal input. BTW, can anyone recommend a CPA as well?