Home warranty with a house purchase in Plano.

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Hi, Looking to buy a SFR in Plano and checking to see which is the best HomeWarranty to buy. It is a 32 yr old building and believe the appliances are working but could be little Old. Planning to get homewarranty atleast for the initial year. Please advise.

I know some folks will be against buying home warranty. I am past that decision and looking to buy, just need to know possibly best company in the area. Thanks. 


Naveen - Several of my clients use Old Republic, One Guard & Fidelity home warranty. Get quotes & check coverage fine print 

@Vic Reddy , Thanks for the co names!. Will research reviews and go from there. 


I personally have and like American Home Shield. However, as previously mentioned, read the fine print as I think they offer separate plans for personal residences versus investment properties. 

HWA, 2-10, One Guard are the ones I see my clients pick most around DFW area.

If still looking, I've personally used OneGuard for personal and rental properties. I've always been satisfied as their customer service has been excellent. Most importantly they paid out when required.

Hi Naveen, I'm looking to invest in the same area and would like to pick your brain on what you can share about investing in North of Dallas vs. SF Bay Area, especially in terms of SFH construction quality, market temperature, tenant quality etc. Many thanks in advance!

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