Looking to do my first deal this summer

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Good Morning Everyone! My name is Bryson Rogan and I just recently moved from a small town in North Mississippi to Dallas,TX. I’m a young aspiring Multifamily Real Estate Investor looking to take down my first deal. What are somethings I need to do in order to achieve this goal and to begin working on it immediately! Thanks in advance!

@Bryson Rogan the MFH market in Dallas especially is absolutely insane right now. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of house hacking a MFH which is totally understandable, as that's how I got started. Don't throw out SFHs though, especially if you have friends/roommates that you can split the rent with. I'm lucky being a single guy in my 20s that regardless where I live I'm renting out the rooms and not paying my mortgage. I'm not sure if you're in a similar situation but I definitely advise you to keep your options open!

@Kenneth McKeown Thank you! I will definitely keep this information in mind!

Hey Bryson,

Me and my girlfriend are in the same boat. We are looking for our first deal in multifamily as well around DFW, and it seems like the MLS only wants to offer south of I20 and west of Fort Worth, out of the way properties. She is from DFW, born and raised, and I moved up here in 2011 to start college at UNT. Let us know if you want to meet up or get on a call or something soon, especially since we are in the market for the same type of property.

@Dylan Barnard , multi-family can be a beast to find but they are out there. I would have an agent set up an MLS push for you. It takes minutes for the agent to set up and it will push properties that meet your criteria as soon as they hit the MLS or if there is a change in the listing (i.e. price drop, drops out of pending, etc.). You give the agent the zip codes you are wanting to look in, price range, and size. It sends them to your email and when you see a great deal, don't wait. Get your agent on the phone and schedule a showing ASAP.

Yeah, my girlfriend is an agent; we have it covered 😎

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