Loolimg to do my first flip before schools start

3 Replies | Dallas, Texas

Hi everyone, i am looking to do my first flip in the next month or so. Im up in plano and would prefer something close by. I havent had much luck with lookimg through redfin so looking for wholesalers, realtors and contractors. Essentially im looking to build a team to get this started. Anyone you guys have worked with that you would recommend?

If you are looking for wholesalers, just do a web search “sell my house fast Plano” and you will get about 20. Also call any signs you see that say “we pay cash for houses”. Tell then you are looking to buy anything they may have. They will add you to their buyers list. This will get you a lot. BE VERY CAREFUL. A lot of wholesalers (especially the institutional ones) will take advantage of new buyers. DO NOT TRUST THEIR ARV OR REPAIRS. Know that you will not have an option period so you need to know what repair costs are for basic items. You will also want a broker or someone you trust to pull a CMA to get an idea what the final ARV is for the area. Post more questions here or PM me.