Does anyone have experience with A+ Federal Credit Union??

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I'd like to switch to a local Credit Union in order to build a relationship to assist with future investments. A+ Credit Union in Central Texas seems like a good option. However, I'd like to hear first hand experiences before I pull the trigger. Thanks!

My wife is a Member Services Officer there and I hold both a personal and business account there. They provided excellent customer service and competitive rates. I have not used them for any business loans or mortgages but they do have specific service departments dedicated to servicing each of those types of loans. Overall I give them an A+. PM me if you would like the contact information for any of their branches. 

We had a lot of roadblocks doing a commercial loan with their office in Austin. Seemed their commercial lending dept lacked a lot of experience about basic things. I imagine it's because its a new strategy for them and will probably improve over time as their team grows. Try University. Their team comes from a lot of experience.

I don't have any experience with A+, but I've been using University FCU for many years and would recommend them highly.  Their website is user friendly, their phone service is excellent, locations work well for me as I still actually visit local branches once or twice a month.  I have used them for car loans but no investment loans or services.

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union RBFCU is outstanding.  I only have 43 years experience with them as a consumer.  Great banking products to include residential mortgage loans and business loans.  Great HELOCs as well. Give them a call you will be happy you did.

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