Far East Austin Development

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As Austin continues to expand, the City Council is putting added effort to outline growth and development in far east Austin. This is the area of Austin east of Hwy 183 out to Highway 130 and includes Walter E Long lake. Right now, there is a ton of undeveloped land and a sparse collection of commercial and residential properties, but it could look a lot different in 5-10 years with developments from Tesla, Velocity, Circuit of the Americas, and the new Project Connect making headlines. Here's an update on how the city council is looking to shape growth in the region:


That growth will probably occur there but who knows certainly as to the timing. The city is pushing there. In my opinion, its still speculation. The city pushed for the redevelopment for riverside drive in 2006- 2007 as I was actively engaged in that process and it took 10+ years to get to where its at presently. Riverside has taken off but it took many years to build momentum. 

I have a 260-unit development going in Manor, which is relatively close to this.  We're also still doing deals in 78702 which we have been doing since 2010 before it was cool to do it ;-)

If any brokers or folks on this thread have new projects or would like to chat about opportunities we're buying!