Know any good Tax advisers/preparers?

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I'm looking for someone awesome! We already filed our extension, but would like to get some money back. We've used a couple different people in the past, and they were just okay. We've got a few properties, my husband's income, and my small business, so we're a little complicated and just want someone who is very patient and can explain everything. Who do you recommend?

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I can give you the contact info for mine. They are based in Flower Mound and focus on limiting tax liability. This is the first year I used them but they got me back a pretty good amount. More than my last tax person. 

@Rachel Stuart apparently my post was removed for a reason I don’t really understand. I use a cpa out of Houston. They work well for me.

@Rachel Stuart

Do you need anything in specific at the moment that you need help explaining with?

While your tax profile may seem complicated - It appears to be very similar to the tax profile of other BP members.

Your tax profile indicates that you have 4 children. Congrats!
One downside from the new tax reform is that we lose the personal exemption at the federal level.
However, the child tax credit increases and it is harder for it to phase out.

Also since it appears that you have a small business where you work from home - you may be eligible for a home office deduction.

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