Meetups in Salt Lake City area

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Hello all. This is an impressive community -- glad to have found BP. I'd love to join a local meetup sometime -- where can I find more info about meetups outside of the local REIA groups?

Hi @Pace J. . I know there has been an SLC meetup in the past. We are currently updating the search on the site. Check back in a couple of hours and search salt lake city meetup in the upper right corner search bar. 

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@Pace J. , @Travis Gibson , @Curtis Fergus , Just found this post and thought I would reach out.  I have been organizing a BP Meetup for the last 7 months.  We hold it on the first Thursday of the month in Cottonwood Heights at The Huddle.  If you want more information pm me and I will send you the details.  Hope to meet all of you soon!

Hello all, i'm also new to BP... not sure if you guys met, it will be a great idea, you can count me in.  I relocated to SLC 4 years ago, have 4 doors and trying to get another before the year ends.  I also have a general question, trying to understand what's a good rule of thumb square foot construction cost, people usually say 100 to 120, does that apply here in SLC, also does it includes developing the land? 

Are these meetups still going on. If so, I would like to know when the next one is. Tried looking at the SLC investors association website but it seems like it hasn't been updated since April or so. Anyone know of other investor meetups happening in Salt lake county?

@Kyle Pierce , @Mauricio Mejia , @Matthew Duff , @Amanda Prince , @Curtis Fergus , @Travis Gibson , @Pace J.

There are a ton of meetups you can consider in the SLC and surrounding areas.  I would love to  make a couple of recommendations for you:

First - Investor Meetup tomorrow, October 6th at The Huddle (2400 E. Ft Union Blvd) in Cottonwood Heights.  Starts at 6:30 pm and it is all about networking with other investors.  Has been going on for one year now and has been a great hit.  Bonus - tomorrow I am working with a friend of mine Spencer Ball (Attorney and owner of Mountainland Title) to do a Q&A prior to the meeting right around the corner from The Huddle at 5:30 pm.  Legal, title or any real estate questions all welcome!  All of this is always free!  PM me if you want the address of Mountainland Title.

Wholesale Meetup - 2nd Thursday of the month ( October 13th) at Thai Siam in Draper at 7:00 pm.  Full on discussions and presentations about what is working in Wholesaling.  The cost is free other than if you want to eat dinner.  This group has also been going on for about a year.  

Utah REIA - Presentations on different aspects of real estate. The presenters are phenomenal! We meet the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Apartment Association in Murray. The first visit is free and then there is a yearly fee (it is cheap!).

PM me, email or call  and I would be happy to discuss in more detail.  These groups are crucial to increasing your knowledge base and network circle.  To be successful in this business a lot has to do with the relationships you create!  Hope to see all of you at a future meeting!

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Hi Utah REI's! I am a new aspiring investor who is ready to finally get my first deal going ASAP. Ive read many books and have family who has experience with REI'ing but am in need of more help! I have so far been in contact with two different investment groups: FreedomMentor (Phil Pustejovsky) & Elevate (RENATUS). Both programs have starting fees from $10K-$20K for education and receiving mentoring. I do believe having the right knowledge is a great investment but am not sure which program to join. Both seem to have great networks, mostly Renatus here locally in SLC with awesome support, but I am hesitant to rack up 20K before doing more research and finding other ways to become the best REI I can be!

My question to you all is do any of you have any experience with any of these groups? Are they as good as they seem? Any information helps. Till then I will make it a goal to come to the meetups on the first and second Thursday of the month.

Thanks for the info! I look forward to meeting you all!!!

@Kesi Ika-Kioa I don't know anything about Freedom Mentor except for seeing a few youtube videos, so can't help you there.

I only heard about Renatus 2 weeks ago and have not signed up, but I am also considering it.  The all day event last Saturday with Mark Kohler was amazing, and I'm getting invited to at least 5 events per week.  They seem to have a huge support system and training, at least here in Utah.  Since I don't have a lot of info I still can't really endorse them, but you said they are $10-$20K to start and that isn't quite true.  They do have a $2,000 startup and then you can pay to upgrade later.  Still a lot of money, but you can at least ask the person who is trying to bring you in about all of your options.

The Utah Apartment Association has great classes as well, check them out on Facebook. They teach some great material and their meetings are a great place to meet other investors.

If you want to get into investing in Utah, you should look into Salt Lake Real Estate Investment Association (SLREIA - $99/year for a couple, replete with great information at the meetings, some of the best investors in the state heading it up, very willing to share ideas and info.

I wouldn't pay for any of the expensive packages. You can find everything they teach online. If you need personal help, I'd talk with an expert investor about a mentoring situation.

@Rebecca Belnap Thank you! The mentors I have come across are pushing me to buy the combo for 20K and even offered to help me get a credit line opened to pay for it, but I have been hesitant and dont have the credit to get that kind of line so since they know I am not signing up as fast as they expect they dont really reach out to me as much. I still go to the Elevate weekly meetings because I gain a ton of free knowledge, but still not sure if I should join because I cant afford 20K right now. Thanks for letting me know about the other options, I havnt heard of that before. They do have a pretty amazing network and community so I will keep going and finding out more affordable options for me. 

Also thank you @Sam Newell and @Lance Card for the information! I will look into those options. 

@Kesi Ika-Kioa

I agree with @Lance Card . There are multiple Real Estate Investment Associations out there. SLREIA, Utah REIA are the two in SL County. Go join one, soak in all the knowledge, take experienced investors out to lunch and pick their brains. If you're looking for mentorship, there are a lot of local investors that offer annual mentoring for a couple thousand dollars or so that is pretty valuable.