Looking for medium (>4 unit) MF units in Salt lake City, UT

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We are actively looking for a small to medium size MF units > 4 but less than 20 units in SLC, UT.  OR people who want to partner on units like this in Salt lake city, UT.  We are looking for properties that are add value properties not new construction.     Looking mostly in the SLC area but willing to look outside this area for the right deal.   Would love to connect with any commercial brokers that have properties in this category.  We currently own and manage 3 duplexes in SLC , and 1 vk rental in Park City but are looking to break into bigger MF units. 

My wife and I seem to be in a similar position as you guys. I’ve been considering looking at that same type of medium sized multi unit as well, but haven’t had any luck finding anything that would meet my requirements for return. If you found something you could add value to and needed a partner, feel free to reach out!

Hey monte,

What would be your criteria for return? How fast could you close assuming your criteria is met.

I’m working with sellers of an 8-plex that want to get rid of it fast. It’s an 8-plex close to the U


I am fairly new to BP and am so excited to meet investors that are interested in small multi-family properties. I have a goal to close on my first deal in first Qtr of 2019. Haven't had any luck yet finding something that meets my requirements for return either. I'm anxiously trying to learn more about where to find deals, especially MF properties. I'm anxious to create a portfolio this year of a few different investments. I don't have a lot of capital to put down on a MF property without partnering, but I bring significant management and market rent experience to the table.