Multi-Family New Builds in Pleasant Grove, American Fork and Lehi

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I was driving around Pleasant Grove, Utah and came across multi-family new builds in Pleasant Grove near the Oakwood Homes at South Point development. Is anyone aware of the development?

In addition, is anyone aware of multi-family developments in American Fork and Lehi?

Appreciate the information! Thanks!

I second the thought that Sam Levin and Yuki Inui are a wealth of knowledge in this area.  Spoke with them both last week and they are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive.  

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@Ryan Hutchins

Yep they are all sold out, and their pre-con new Fourplex development in Herriman is getting extremely hard to get hands on unless you are a returning client.

Since we work so closely with the listing broker (just to clarify, @Sam Levin and I aren't FIG listing agent. we just work in the same brokerage, so our focus is more on the buyers interests and are not married to FIG products) and have access to the in-the-loop off market deals, we have a couple tricks that we use for our own investment and we share with our clients for these brand new multi-family that are already sold out though (it's not pre-con purchase so doesn't require 25% down construction loans, or 18 months of waiting period) 

@Ryan Hutchins  

I would suggest working with an investors agent (preferably someone who works at a brokerage that focus on investment properties and avoid ones that are just residential agent, because the amount of up-to-date/freshest information and the wide range of network/connection necessary for not just finding the best deals but also helping you with the exit strategy, tax saving strategies, etc really changes the entire outcome of your investments) who has great in-depth market knowledge, experience in making successful investments themselves, holds high level of integrity, honesty and loyalty. Someone who can answer questions or concerns that you have, and have solutions for them (or connection with the best local experts and other agents in the area who can better help you)  

Signing up for their newsletter or FB page is a great way to stay apprised on any new listings or pocket listings (if they offer it that is). But I would say that the best way is to connect with them, pick their brain whether you decide to work with them or not, and let them know exactly what you're looking for and why. They might have a strategy that you have not encountered before, or have a new/unknown information on the areas or type of investment properties that you haven't thought to explore before :)

Property managers are a good resource too.  We are usually the first people to find out when a client wants to sell a property and since we have years of history with properties we get a good idea of what a solid investment looks like.  I've had potential buyers call me up out of the blue and ask if any clients interested in selling [whatever property type they were interested in].  I emailed out my clients and found two who were interested in selling.  It worked out pretty well.

@Ryan Hutchins FIG is a fantastic opportunity for investors.  @Yuki Inui and Sam Levin do a great job and can get you all the info you need.  Boise and Texas are fantastic markets very similar to Utah and FIG has expanded to those locations because of their growing diverse economies, low vacancy rates, and solid returns.  I'm the listing agent over FIG Idaho, just let Yuki, Sam or I know and we can explain why our repeat clients are so excited about those coming projects.  Thanks and good luck

I'm interested in learning more about FIG. I'm a Draper resident and looking to add to my portfolio. How do I go about getting in touch with an investment agent that can help me find a good property?

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