Looking to network and Learn from Veteran investors

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Good morning everyone, Name is Theodore I am currently working as an IT but my goal is to branch off and do Real estate full time. Im currently focusing on wholesaling but would love to learn from different investors to gain more knowledge about the market. I am here in VA beach and want to do business in all of Hampton Roads. They say you NET WORTH will only be as big as your NETWORK. Currently looking to build relationships with: wholesalers, rehabbers, agents, hard money lenders, contractors, landlords

Good Morning!

The best places for networking I have found are the meet ups below. Hope to see you there.

Tidewater Real Estate Investors Group

Peninsula real estate investor association
Find them on meetup.com

Hi @Theodore Bullock , welcome to BP! You've chosen a great place as a resource! My team is located in Northern VA but we are very familiar with the VA beach/Hampton Roads area, happy to connect and chat further if you are interested!