Canadian from Toronto doing Virtual Wholesaling in FL

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Hey all,

Just wondering if there are any other Canadians out there that are doing US real estate wholesaling virtually from Canada.

This is what I am actively working on doing. I am generating leads in various ways (direct marketing, talking with realtors and looking for pocket listings, word of mouth etc.) and then working on getting the house under contract for the right price. I have built up a fairly solid buyers list, just need to find the right deal.

I've had a few properties under contract so far, but bought them for too much, and couldnt find a buyer for them. Only loss so far was an inspection fee on one house. I make sure to use the 15 day inspection period to find a buyer, and if not, I back out based on condition of home. 

I'm hoping there are others that are successful in doing this and if you could share your success story, and give myself as well as others some much needed inspiration. Its a tough business to do virtually! 

I took a 101 crash course on doing it and it seemed overwhelming for me. Is not my thing.. Glad it's working out for you..

I just wanted to find a way to find deals for myself not wholesale to another investor for a profit/fee. 

I would rather pay an assignment fee or finders fee to a wholesaler and leverage my time elsewhere.. especially a wholesaler who knows what he is doing in terms of evaluating ARV. I see so many inflated ARV's from wholesalers who want to make a quick coin. Those people can make you lose your shirt quick time.

Now I am diversifying with partnerships and looking for relationship with investors with good source of deals.. 

I see what you mean. But also as an investor, you need to understand how to evaluate ARV for yourself. You can't rely on anyone else's word.

If you're looking for some good deals, specifically in FL, then we should connect. 

What part of Ontario are you in? @Hai Loc


I will never rely on someone elses ARV. I looked over 100s of wholesale deals and 98% of them the ARV is over justified. Only the 2% either I pursued or it was out of my market..

Not looking in Florida at the moment

I am on Toronto 

If you does this with a Florida Realtor who is also an investor, they can provide an interesting expansion of your business.

They can help acquire at a discount.

If they invest, then they have contractors that can rehab.

Then, they will list, market, and sell.

I'm doing it now for two out of country investors... What is needed ia the development of trust.


Hello John, 

I would like to connect and get some questions answered. I've just decided to get my license as a realtor, but I am an investor first. I'm looking to acquire my first property in April and I want to buy a lot more down the road. Getting my license will help me find my own properties.

its easy. Im from Tampa, Florida but live in Dominican Republic right now and its going great. Last flip from contract to NEW buyer less than 24hrs. Its all in the deal that counts. 

Hello @Vuk Dulanovic ,

The key to succeeding is to have a presence in the area. Having a well equipped team of local real estate professionals on site to manage tasks that need to be completed is crucial. They allow you to delegate the tasks and provides a better end result.

nice to meet you my name is Steve having investing in u.s. properties for the last 35 some years born in Edmonton if there's anything that I can do to connect to you in any way in the US let me know maybe we should get together sometime and compare notes

wondering how can it be done as a Canadian to wholesaling in the Usa without green card , SSN etc? how can you do a wholesale flip without actually visit the property and able to find buyers without meeting up? that's really confusing , please advise and help is really appreciated.