Australian wanting to invest in the US

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Hi @Gloria Wang  

I know of a lawyer that has been helping Foreign Nationals set up entities to purchase properties for over 15 years. I also know a few lenders that lend to foreign nationals. Happy to help.

Hi Gloria,

There’s an excellent post in this section from an Australian that breaks down the sequence of events to invest remotely.

I invest in the US via New Zealand and would be happy to explain how I go about it.

Feel free to reach out as there’s a bit to unpack.

@Gloria Wang , search for Reed Goossens. He is an Ausi based in LA with a great podcast and book about investing in the US.

I'm base in NZ and have been investing in the US for 5 years, but been in RE for nearly 20 years.

They are few moving parts to consider. One of them is how do you want to invest, actively or passively?

If you can't borrow money in the US, then investing passively or doing a JV may be a good start.

First, I would suggest is to get yourself educated. You are at the right place!

Talke to @Rebecca Moore , she is also in Australia looking to invest in the US!.

Hi All! 

Me and a couple of friends in Australia are trying to enter into the US market - namely, focusing on rental properties in Ohio and Illinois to start. As noted in many of these forums, access to finance is quite costly either with high downpayment or interest rate requirements. 

One of my teammates has a de facto partner (US citizen) who lives in Cleveland and is keen to come onboard. Is there any way to structure the LLC with her part of the group to access cheaper financing?

Hi @Gloria Wang , Wlcome!

I think you should start by asking yourself what are your investments goals. Are you looking to flip? Maybe buy an SFR or an MF as a rental property? Would you like to BRRRR? After knowing that it will be easier to find a market that can support your goal. I have a list of criterias for choosing a market if you would like me to send it to you...

After that you can start finding your agent, contractor, PM, stc.

If you need any help- feel free to reach out.

Good luck!

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