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Hey Everyone, I am looking for information on where I can find parcel zoning codes for Multi Family properties in the Seattle / Puget Sound Area. I have been looking at the county websites for King, Pierce & Snohomish counties and I am still not finding the exact zoning codes I need to be looking for to determine whether a property is truly a conforming property.

I am particularly interested in Pierce & Snohomish counties. I have found where to locate the recent sales, taxes and whether permits have been pulled on the properties, but I am having a hard time finding the zoning codes for MF properties.
If anyone could help me find these or knows what the codes are that I need to look for it would be helpful and greatly appreciated.


Find out whether the property is under city or unincorporated county jurisdiction.  Then look at the appropriate jurisdiction's planning dept website.  If it is part of a city, don't refer to the county website because the county website only refers to properties that aren't officially part of a city.  

@Adrian Chu Thanks for that bit of advice. I will look in that direction.

Snohomish County has a fair "Permit, Planning, and Zoning" interactive map at http://gis.snoco.org/maps/permits/viewer.htm Be sure to check the  boxes in the "layers" frame on the left for what you're looking for. 

I especially like the "color aerial photo" box. If you zoom in with this enabled, you'll get the tax parcel number for any property. You can enter this number in the form at http://assessor.snoco.org/search.aspx and you'll get the ownership info, taxes, tax status, legal description etc. This is real handy when you're "driving for dollars" with rural acreage that doesn't have a posted address and want to dig into a property's info. 

If you do have an address, the same page also has a form for that option.

@Alex Chin @Chris Newman  

Thanks for the links, I had came across a couple of these already. I guess I didn't have the correct layers turned on. I was able to find the zoning categories which is what I have been looking for. I had noticed the category codes but didn't know what they meant. I have made it through the Pierce & Snohomish county sites and now understand what I am looking at. I will be doing the King county site tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

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