Starting out in Seattle

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Hello Bigger Pockets Seattle!!!!

I currently work for a Multifamily Real Estate Developer in the Seattle area on their construction side as a Project Manager. I have a lot of experience when it comes to building new multifamily and commercial office buildings. And am happy to offer support and guidance when it comes to the construction side. I am in the process of developing a personal portfolio and will likely use the BRRR method. I'm currently in the process of running #'s on opportunities. Looking to connect with other individuals to learn and teach. Everyone knows Seattle is one of the more expensive markets to start in. For those who are operating here. How did you get started? What type of properties are you focusing on? And what type of financing are you working with? For those of you who are working perhaps out of state, I know this is a Seattle focused forum but are there using the BRRR method out of state?

@Chris Sweeney Welcome to RE investing an Bigger Pockets! My career field is also construction project management, working for a general contractor. I did a lot of office remodels, and then a large school. I think real estate work will be an easy transition for you. For investing in this area, we go north an hour to Skagit County (which is also getting too expensive). We rehabbed our primary house and are now building a duplex from the purchase of an off market lot, all with owner occupied financing from a portfolio lender. I think you have a great edge up on real estate construction!