Contractor recommendations for various work

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Our move to Seattle is coming to a head.  We have a house on Mercer Island under contract.  Its an older house (built 1970, yes, I'm aware of possible lead paint and aluminum wiring issues) and does need some updates.  Very livable as is.  But does need some work both quickly and later.  Any recommendations for folks that could do these items?

  1. Deck repairs.  Not really sure of the extent of the work, but much more than just a few boards.
  2. Replace windows and doors.
  3. Replace cooktop (short term) and completely redo kitchen (longer term.)
  4. Pull out carpet and install laminate flooring or something similar in basement.
  5. Clean and treat the shake roof.
  6. Replace water heater
  7. Replace gas furnace

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Typing that out it does seem like a long list.  But we have a bunch of requirements (ok, desires, really) for a house.  We lost out on a house in Kirkland to an all cash offer.  And another one in Queen Anne that was already being inspected Sunday night after the open house.  We've looked at everything that fit our long list of requirements and was in our budget.  This one isn't perfect, but is a good compromise for what we want and the work we're willing to do after buying.

Shout out to @Jake Alger for helping us make this happen!