What condos in Seattle allow airbnb?

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I see a lot of the newer larger condo buildings/complexes have strict HOA's that disallow short-term rentals or airbnb. Occasionally, I come across a listing for a condo where it says it's ok.

What condo complexes allow AirBnB or short-term rentals?  My goal is a second vacation-home in Seattle near downtown where we can easily Uber/walk, whereas the majority of the time it'll be Airbnb to pay down the mortgage.  Less interested in cash flow (but not NEGATIVE cashflow), more interested in location and having visitors/tenants pay down the mortgage.

@Shiv Jey - the best way to know is to read the CC&Rs for the complex that you're interested in.  Sounds like @Adrian Chu knows a few, and you can expand your search by requesting the CC&Rs thru your agent.  Ideally getting a copy before you make an offer, but you could make an offer with a neighborhood review contingency to protect your earnest money.  Work with an investor-friendly agent and they should be able to get these answers for you.  If they work a lot in the areas that you prefer, they will also know many of the buildings and their rules too.

Good luck!

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Shiv -  I worked on a transaction within the past yr in this project and there were several units AIRBNBing ....SEABOARD BUILDING CONDOMINIUM 1500 4TH AVE SEATTLE, WA 98101