building new high end homes

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Does anyone here do high end homes?  what is the profitability. I have a plot of land that could hold a couple of them on the waterfront outside of Seattle and looking at all options.

@Ric Mittleider

Really I think you should be talking to a high-end builder instead. There I so much risk I speck building in general, and that only goes up with high-end. You also have to remember that the higher your price the smaller your buyer pool. That is slightly mitigated by the large amount of high-end buyers there.

Another option to consider is to just do a regular speck build. Got for a average, modern home. If it really is water-front it will still sell for a high amount because, well, Seattle. Talk to different builders like Adair or Lexar or other operators and get estimates. Then run your profit projections and make a choice.

@Ric Mittleider Just saw this post on the forums and thought I'd reach out, I'm a local architect and owners rep with experience in housing off all shapes sizes and budgets multifamily included. Shoot me a PM if you'd like to have a discussion about how I can help you move your project forward.