Any experience or comments on Mynd property management?

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I'm interviewing property managers for a recently acquired fourplex in Tacoma and was referred to Mynd property management. They seem to have a good set of comprehensive services and fairly priced fees. Does anyone have any experience with them?

Any comments, good or bad are appreciated.

Hi Bob,

I don't know of anyone that has used Mynd in the past. I do know they have a healthy marketing spend. I have recently started my own property management company, A6 Urban Properties, LLC. Feel free to reach out to discuss your fourplex. If its in the northern area of Tacoma, I may be able to help as I am in South Seattle.


Daniel Alhadeff

I’ve never worked with them, but have been taking over management of a property they previously managed and it definitely has been difficult! Getting financials and all of the necessary documents took a lot of back and forth, and I noticed there were just a lot of issues at the property that slipped through the cracks.

Fyi, after my research on about a half a dozen property management companies I ended up engaging with Spinnaker in Tacoma mainly due to the fact that they don't provide any brokerage services just pure property management. Also their offices are within a few miles of my property so it's much more convenient.