North Seattle/Snohomish County Meetup

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Hi All,

I noticed that many of the meetups are either South or East Seattle. I just started a meetup for North Seattle/Snohomish County

Below are the details.

I set it up for now for the first Friday of each month.

Assuming we will not go back to Phase 2, I hope we will be able to meet in person.

I can help hosting that, but I will need your help organizing that. Anyone help for picking the place to meet will be appreciated. 

Feel free to either reply here or send me a message.


I would be interested in joining if we can find a place. I’m need to the north Seattle area so not sure of the ideal location though. Could just be a park or restaurant with out door seating? 

@Kim H. , @Adhirai M., @Hardeep Rekhi, @Ryan Lee , @John Barrett, 

Thanks for showing an interest. How about Rory's of Edmonds.

I was thinking about it, but please let me know if you prefer other locations.

If you like Rory's, I can give them a call and check their availability on June 4th

Hi All,

Please mark your calendar.

This is the meet up details

Meet in Person at

Rorys of Edmonds

105 Main Street
Edmonds, Washington 98020
Friday, June 4th, 6 pm

The restaurant is still running on 50% capacity, so first come first serve.

Please show up a few minutes early if you can

Talk about Real Estate Investing in Snohomish County (Signle Family, Multi-Faily, BRRRR, House-Hack, .....)

I would love to join! I am a new real estate investor living in south Skagit county starting to invest in Snohomish as well- Marysville, Arlington, and Smokey Point are my current market.  I work that day so I may be a few minutes after 6 but I will try to get out of work a little early that day! 

@Sherief Elbassuoni Thank you for putting together this meet up.  It was really nice to get out of the house and have an opportunity to chat with other investors.  Looking forward to your next meetup.