Anyone AirBnB in Milwaukee Area?

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Anyone doing this in Milwaukee? If so, where and how has it gone for you?

I have a duplex in Tosa, with a basement I may finish. We have family that comes up and visits, so looking to finish it with a bathroom, living room, kitchenette set up. It's located near a lot of amenities. Could utilize AirBnB once or twice a month for income.

Thanks Marcus. There is a thread going on in the Brew City REI facebook group concerning AirBnB's. We were looking for speakers for the next meeting in December which will be all about AirBnB. If you have immediate questions, I'm sure any of the members that replied on the thread that they are doing them would be happy to answer. The speakers we will be having all have successfully ran AirBnBs for 1+ years and they will be sharing how they got started and tips.

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