Need an agent in Milwaukee that owns rental properties themself

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My wife and I own a number of investment properties in Portland OR and are looking at Milwaukee as our next potential investment city.  We would be interested in meeting a local Real Estate agent that has many years of experience and also owns rental properties themself.  We are interested in Multifamily investments in particular.  Duplexes or larger.  Any introductions to a Real Estate professional in Milwaukee that owns rental properties themselves would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks,  Matt

Hey Matt, 

I am also looking at Milwaukee as my next potential city. Below are some resources I have come across so far: 

1. Investing in Milwaukee by Dawn Anastasi (its on lulu as an e-book). Dawn is active here on BP as well.  

2. In regards to agents, Marcus Auerbach is a name that I have seen come up a lot, but I can not vouch as I have not dealt with him personally yet. 

Feel free to PM me to see if there is anything else I can help with as I learn more. 


Marcus Auerbach is a name I've heard across multiple threads as well. He seems to have a great reputation on this forum and is likely familiar with what investors are looking for. I'd start with him.

I work with @Marcus Auerbach and can vouch for him. He's my agent. He's a seasoned investor with a nice portfolio, an experienced rehabber who GCs all his own rehabs, and he's great at digging in on analytics. You can't go wrong with him. Hit me up if you want more. 

Thanks guys! Appreciate the shout out! I am always happy to answer questions about REI and Milwaukee! For me personally my focus last year was mostly on new construction and we aquired very little in that year. It was very interesting and I am glad I did it, but it's crazy time consuming (I general'ed it myself ), ties up so much capital and is quite risky actuallly - "spec home" is short for speculation after all. Compared to buy and hold it's just not worth it for me. So now I am back buying and rehabbing and growing our portfolio. That also flows much better with working as an agent!