New to BP and trying the 90 Day Challenge

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Hey Everyone,

I am newer to BP and trying to soak in as much information as I possibly can from forums and podcast. A lot of them say networking is key so I will be trying to do that. I live in Eau Claire Wi. and am trying to get my first flip done in the Green Bay/Appleton areas. Hoping to be able to complete the challenge and be active in the community.

Thank you hopefully I can keep with my daily routine and network enough to get my first flip in my belt bay mid year. My first one can mostly be anywhere in Wisconsin but would like to narrow my area to one part of the state.

Hey Alex, I'm about an hour west of you over by Hudson. congrats on starting your journey.

How come you're looking so far away for your first flip? Isn't Green Bay around 3 hours from Eau Claire?  I've heard it's a good market for investors right in your home city.

@Shawn Ackerman Thanks I will make sure to do that.

@Nathan Letourneau I am looking all over Wisconsin for flips mostly but I would like an area that has a decent amount of homes I can use for rentals. Eau Claire and surrounding cities I.E. Menominee and Hudson properties seem to be high and even when I try to get them for prices that work for me they get scooped up. I would love to stay near and will try but for the 90 day challenge and get my feet wet I am okay with looking elsewhere. I would eventually like to move into the cities but those markets are a little to high for me at the moment. Do you invest in the Eau Claire/Hudson area and how has it been going? 

Congrats and welcome to BP!

I am an investor in the Eau Claire area and think it’s a great place to invest. You are correct in that the market is competitive and the prices reflect that.

I would be happy to connect sometime for coffee!

Welcome Alex!

Also newer to the industry and live in Green Bay.  I'm always around and looking to network and grow my team and knowledge.  By all means, look me up if/when you're in GB!

Good luck!

Alex, I understand feeling that prices are too high in any given area, but I live and invest in the GB/Appleton area.  I can promise you the situation is the same here!  It's extremely challenging right now to get a good deal at a great price, and just getting started while trying to invest all the way over here will not make it easier on you.  There are a LOT of investors who are right here in this market spending lots of cash advertising to scoop up the deals who already know the market and recognize if it's a good deal or not immediately where you will need to take the extra time to analyze.  I've been in real estate since 1996, so trust me when I tell you that you will be much better served to advertise in your local market and scoop up deals out your back door that you can easily drive to and manage yourself without having to pay others to do it for you from a distance.  Remember, the market is very strong right's a seller's market for sure!  That being the case, many sellers are getting top dollar for their properties as is and just don't need us like they do in a down market.  You will have much more success promoting yourself and your business in the community where you live and networking with everyone you meet to let them know what you do and having them refer you to properties they know about or need help with themselves.  Attend local BNI's and chamber mixers to meet other professionals in the area who might align well with you to send you leads...example: home health nurses, estate planning professionals, probabe attorneys, divorce or bankruptcy attorneys, realtors, property management companies, get the picture :-)

Best of luck!  Kill your first 90 days and then keep going!!  What you do today will show up strong in 6 months, so don't quit!