Any Investors in BC Lower Mainland and Tricities Area?

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I'm looking to meet up and chat with any real estate investors in the Lower Mainland and Tricities area.  I'm located in Port Moody, BC.  If you would be interested in chatting online/in person/phone/creating a real estate meet up group, please contact me!  Also, if you know of any existing real estate groups in my area, I'd love to go check it out!  


Hi Marie, 

We are investors who live in Lower mainland South Surrey area but we invest in Prince George B.C.

We go to a fun event on the last Sunday of every month in fleetwood Surrey with a great teacher name Anton. Its from meet WIN Network.

Amanda and Aaron Saarela 

Hi Amanda and Aaron!

How cool that you live here but invest in Prince George! How is that working for you? I'm interested in investing farther away one day, but haven't explored that yet.

Can you tell me more about this fun meet up and who Anton is?

Thanks for replying!


We currently have 10 units in Prince George. We like it. Gives a nice cashflow. Prince George properties typically increase by 5% each year. We lived in Prince George for 3 years so its nice that we know the area real well now. has a group called the WIN group (wealthy investor network) Anton is one of the organizers.

He organized weekly meet ups at Remax in fleetwood surrey BC to do a free lesson, and play the cashflow game last sunday of every month. Message me if you have any questions about anything. :) 

Amanda and Aaron Saarela 

Hi Amanda and Aaron, 

Wow, 10 units is a lot! Are they all in one building or is it 10 single family homes?  Do you have a property management company that takes care of the properties for you?  We have some friends working up in Prince George, but I've never thought of investing there before.  It's something worth thinking about.  It's great that you can invest there with previous knowledge from having lived there for 3 years.  That's a really good way to use your experiences to your advantage.

Ooh, "wealthy investor network" with WIN as an acronym is an impressive sounding name.  Makes me want to join it  :D  I will look it up.

Thanks for all the info!


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