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Who is Doug Hopkins and what is his seminar really pushing? He has a seminar called "Winning The Property Wars" and it seems to relate to his TV show on the Discovery Channel that involves real estate auctions. His seminar is coming to Raleigh NC in 2 weeks and I'm wondering what he is selling and how much it costs.

@Bob Dunas He was on the radio last night. New concept/business, so you won't find reviews pertaining to the University. From what I understand of him he is a good guy, knows his stuff. Here is a link. If you attend, will you please let us know how it went?! Thanks!

Thanks Rachel. I do plan on attending and will report back. I am still a bit suspect of what he is selling. The "Special Invitation" I was mailed offers a free MP3 player, a chance to win an iPAD, and FEE gifts from his sponsors. This is usually an indication of hard sells for boot camps, books and tapes, and/or mentoring. In the past, this kind of seminar has no content, just a big pitch about how wonderful the guru and his program are. Nevertheless, I'll try to keep an open mind.

Welcome to the BP family. Leave your wallet and credit cards in the car. I'm sure by this time you have realized that there is no free lunch. Many seminars have a lot to offer and can be excellent learning experiences as well as an excellent opportunity to network. Take your time and evaluate the cost, reward benefits and then make your decision. On these pages and the the podcasts you can gain an excellent "free" education. Welcome aboard.

HI I attend the same type of seminar. It was nothing but a bait and switch scheme. They try to get you to sign up for educational weekend packages totaling $23,000.00 to $47,000.00 dollars.

Disclosure: Hater

Really? Buying a program from one of the clowns who:

"show up to the property 5 minutes before bid time, speculate as to whether there is a pool in the back yard (because they can't hop the fence, or look on google maps), hope the lot next door is included, pay $220k for a house because they can maybe make $12K, etc. etc."

I don't think so.

I recently attended a seminar in Las Vegas hosted by Joel Block. It was probably one of the best I have been too. I have been to many and you leave wondering why you went!

Just do as much homework as you can and make an educated decision if it will benefit what you do. If not, don't go!

Please save your money and attend the FREE REI groups held around you local area.

These self proclaimed gurus make it rich of seminars etc. Save you money for real estate investments and not some get rich quick scheme. I have been successful in real estate for a long time and I have never needed one of these gurus help in doing so.

If you choose to go good luck I hope it is worth your money but I would advise against it. Good luck either way!

Totally agree with Robert, local REI group can provide much better education and you don't have to spend too much money. This "Private Pre-Auction Event" is the same as Dean Grasziosi's program, they just pomp you to buy their expensive education which is not that useful.

I went to the three day seminar. Was taught by Marc Hrisko. I paid $2000, they promised that would get my money back if I followed their plan and did not get positive cash flow deal in the next 90 days. I did not bite on the larger sales pitch which the lowest priced was about $20,000. I did learn a ton. But I did not know about this website. Oh well, my first business write off. But actively starting my plan and motivated to make real estate my career.

@valinda , I came across your post about the 3 day seminar and am so glad that I did! I'm still within the 3 day refund period!

I attended the free pre-auction event TODAY and they hooked me with the $500k funding for investment. Is that part too good to be true? I'm guessing it is.

I saw that your post was from May, am wondering if you've had success in replicating their strategy or successful in getting a refund per the guarantee certificate?

I also purchased the Tax Lien Vault for $997... Wondering if you did as well?

Like yourself I'm also looking to launch my real estate career.... But it'll be hard if I keep making costly mistakes!

Thank you so much for any advice you can share about your experience with the seminar.  

I'm attending his seminar at the end of the month.  Did anyone get the free stuff they offer or does that come when you sign up for the $$$$$$$ package.

Bob Dunas Raleigh has an excellent REI group. I'm a member of the Fayetteville REI and when you join either group you have access to the other.....

I think Doug Hopkins Property Wars is the same group as Pete & Dave's "Flipping Formula"

My mom & I went through the Flipping Formula & although it was a lot of money, I'd say it was well worth it.  The only thing stopping us now is US!

Of course this 'seminar' is over. Older post.

Let me see. Let's put on the marketing cap. I buy at "auction" in Raleigh. I buy foreclosures at the courthouse. Dozens of deals over the years. Do you think I would be a good candidate for their camp?  No? They didn't send me a flyer;) They are sucking in the new and uninformed. That's the game. Just need one sucker....

yeah I'm in the 3 day seminar right now, going into day 3 this morning on a one on one with the coach to lure me in to one of the 3 packages, 21K-51K cdn. ...but like the 2500 it cost me to come to this that they promised a tuition refund, they are also providing a tuition refund with this as well, so with the probability of 100% of the people paying 2500 to not make the requirements in order to receive the tuition refund, I see now how this is a get rich quick scheme for them yes, I do believe in everything they are teaching and that I do need a mentor and a coach, but not willing to drop 50K now that I don't have disposable

Originally posted by @Dwight Threet :

I'm attending his seminar at the end of the month.  Did anyone get the free stuff they offer or does that come when you sign up for the $$$$$$$ package.

Bob Dunas Raleigh has an excellent REI group. I'm a member of the Fayetteville REI and when you join either group you have access to the other.....

 Do you really need to put yourself through the hoops and loops for FREE stuff?

What is your time worth?  LOL

DO NOT waste your $$ or time. Its a scam to try to get you to spend 24-46K in additional "education". The company uses several "celebrity names" to get people to spend that $$ its sad to see ho many fall under this trap.

 they use BRANDS to attract people like AKA, Success Path, AKA, Advance Real Estate Education, AKA, Winning the property war. There is so many names I can't keep track of. I did not sign up for all of those companies. Don't do it... we should all report it to the Better Business Bureau. Its a scam. That is how they get RICH. Imagine at each seminar they get 20-40 people into this. google it.. it's all over the Internet.

Totally agree, go to the library and get some books, Donald Trump etc Real estate books, and check out the REO, REI websites for their free info. You don't have to be a real estate agent, but a broker etc. check out what each does and talk to your real estate companies for advice. You don't need to spend a lot of money for info to make money.

This is from the same marketing company that has Flip Advantage, Fortune Builders, Flipping Boston, Property Bank... the marketing company is call Zurixx LLC...You can look them up under Elite Mentor...Same company where Armando Montelongo started before splitting a creating his own seminars. Don't pay the money. I lost 28k, my 401k. I should have invested the money in the down payment of a house. I used to worked for them, until I realized that it is just a scam.

I purchased the 3-day workshop on 8/19/17 after Daymond John's free event. The speaker promised in the 3-day workshop, I would learn:

- everything about how to do real estate wholesale

- make $5K in the first 3 months after the workshop

- get 2-day one-on-one training on successfully closing wholesale deals

In 3-day workshop:

- trainers told wholesale, flipping, buy and hold, rental

- trainers promised me free access to Property Farm (Doug Hopkins' Reals Estate Formula software) for 3 months. The institution would email me the password in a week

- trainers did not show: how to legally form a company to do wholesale, how to talk to the homeowners and get them sign a wholesale contract, how to inspect the property to get the right estimate 

- trainers told me to spend $11K on another 3-day workshop (9/14/17-9/16/17) to get the 2-day, one-on-one training to do wholesale

A week later (9/15/17):

- no password to the software

- called Customer Service who said, "We never promised free access to Property Farm. You need to pay to use it. You gave good score on the survey. The receipt did not say 2-day, one-on-one training. I can get the trainer on the phone to talk about the free software access that you claimed. You call your credit card company; I will show them you attended the training and gave good score on the survey. They would not give you the refund."

The 3-day workshop is a scam. It did not tell me everything about how to do wholesale deals and make $5k per deal. The trainers tried to sell me other memberships: Diamond membership ($41k with discount already), Platinum membership ($23k with discount already), Gold membership ($13k with discount already). 

The trainers did not tell me step by step to do wholesale. I wasted $1997 for the 3-day workshop. 

The trainers told me to buy $11K a 3-day workshop with 2-day, one-on-one training for doing wholesale only. 

This is SCAM.  Don't attend the 3-day workshop. You will wasted $2k. 

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