Horrible group - address change and i wound up in wrong place. WOW Dave Fry-man what a jerk. He apparently did not want to be there. Spoke down to those attending, if u did not bring marker-highlighter-calculator-snacks- Why would you come unprepared-Do you go to work unprepared What ?? 1st day 1 hour lunch next 2 days bring your lunch - we might eat through it. When break is up i will give 5 min warning and i need you to applause when we regather. HUH ?? you do it at sporting events - you need to wake your mind up and let me know your here. Location changed - no one at original Hotel to inform to pass you on. The group there all followed each other to the location. Dave fry-man has goons there for you to splinter group with because it is easier to splinter down yada yada yada. Then your homework will be you need to email your goon and tell them what you learned or you wont be able to return ... WHAT ???  Save your money - dont go - HORRIBLE interaction with people who paid them money to learn something !!! First 2 hours i heard 4 times - how they would kick you out - if you pass business cards - NOT ON MY DIME ! WHAT / If you dont respond to questions - raise your hands .... HA HA you have got to be kidding me... HORRIBLE