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Good Morning,

I am new to real estate investing and after doing some research have come across I can not find anything but great reiews for the company, which makes me a little skeptical. Has anyone heard anything about

Save a ton of money - read the forums and blogs, and listen to the podcasts on BiggerPockets for free. If you still want to chase unicorns, rainbows and get rich quick gurus, do it at your own peril.

jackie lange is definitely legit. she's a serious investor who's made alot of money. i know of a couple full time investors in my area that she's trained and her courses are affordable. CFD is only $47/mo. Jack Miller's on there as well and he's been investing for 40+ years so he's seen all types of markets. that's a guy you'd wanna learn from.

@Brendan D. , Your profile says you've wholesaled 6+ properties.. So, you already know what to do to find discount properties. That's awesome.. that puts you ahead of most other wholesalers who try and failed. Sounds like you want to take the next step and start fixing and flipping. Since you've proven you can find good deals, I think a good option for you is to partner up with one of those local investors you spoke about.. Find the good deal, and seek their help on the fix n flip... (ie. finding hard money lenders, contractors, etc) and split the profits with them for the education and help. I've nothing against CFD or those who produced it. But, I have to be honest and say I've seed the material. It's dated (like you said, 40+yrs old) and not practical nor hands on enough. I agree with @Britt Abbey  totally. That's my opinion.. 

@GaryDashney thanks for the kind words, i haven't seen the material inside CFD, but i do know Jackie's well respected. do you have any insight into her high volume wholesaler course? a couple guys here still use her bus tour strategy to sell their properties.

and you're exactly right, i'm at the stage now where i want to find the deals and partner with experienced rehabbers from my local REIA. i know enough about rehabbing to NOT try and do a rehab on my own just off what i've read. no slight to this or any forum but there's just so much that can go wrong on a rehab, having that experienced rehabber is key as it provides the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and shorten my learning curve.

@Brendan D.  , you're most welcome. I've not seen her high volume wholesaler course.  Bus tour strategy? Wow.. There are high volume wholesalers here in Phx (20+ deals a month).. and they don't use such a strategy... they don't need to. There are a ton of investors here looking for good deals. If you have one, they go fast (like literally minutes). Best to have *personal* relationships with a few good trustworthy investors who have the funds and can make a quick decision in my opinion.

@garydashner. very true. i've found that when its a deal, the first person i call will buy it. they know their numbers and they trust my repair estimates, even if i'm off by a few thousand, if i'm within their price range, they'll stick take it. those are the pros and people i'll joint venture with on some rehabs. contrary to popular belief i don't have a big buyer's list. i've got around 8 active rehabbers who are constantly buying. however i am going to expand my list as i've heard of wholesalers getting private lenders off their buyers list. Phoenix sounds like a lucrative area to invest. I'd like to get out there and see what the big wholesalers are doing and implement it in my market. Much success with your investing.

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