Has anyone tried Zach Childress's "Automated Deal Maker" software?

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Just saw a webinar on this. The software says it automates the process of pulling in listings and emailing sales contracts according to criteria you can set up. I know people on here have strong opinions about using products vs doing all the work yourself - could you please answer only if you've actually tried this product or know someone who has? Thanks!

I have not tried it but I recommend, I strongly recommend staying a away from all of these get rich quick guru products. Real Estate is a business you have to activily be involved in. No system can automate the criterias of a houses. I mean in theory yes it could, but that can go very wrong very quick.

I have heard about it I think. I honestly get tons of e-mails daily from Guru's and have them auto forwarded to my trash can. Anywho if you want to have a "Automated Deal Maker" you can hire a virtual assistant from oDesk.com for $3 and hr and have them work 2 hours a day on a 5 day week. 3 x 2 = 6, 6 x 5 = $30 a week. If you don't have $30 a week then get a part time job or something. Have your VA pulling in listings and emailing sales contracts according to criteria you can set up. Who knows, you may actually grow your business. I would rather do it that way instead of relying on some "automated software".

@Wayne Woodson I'm doing lease option how can I get oDesk.com to help grow my business? Thank in advance for any feed back

It doesn't matter if you are doing lease options, sub 2, shortsales, wholesaling or whatever. The important point here is why waste your money on some "automated software" or "system" when you can just build your business to be automated. As I mentioned before have your VA pulling in listings and emailing sales contracts according to criteria you set up. Spend your time closing the deals and cashing checks.

@Wayne Woodson I think my question was asked the wrong way, I'm a newbie to investing so I'm trying to learn all I can so I'm looking for some help from you season guys, I just want to know how can I use oDesk.com and what is VA? sorry for the stupid questions but I have to ask it. Thanks for all feed back.

It's ok, no prob. ODesk is a site that allows people from all over the world to bid on jobs that you post. You can even search for people who have experience and ask them to apply for your jobs. A VA is a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is someone who does Assitant type work like sending e-mails, making phone calls, scheduling appointments, etc and is virtual meaning they do not come into your office or home. You can hire VA's on Odesk to do all the "busy work" for you so you can focus on more important stuff. I highly recommend reading "The 4-hr Workweek - By Tim Ferris"

@Wayne Woodson thank you very much for sharing this info.

You actually CAN use automation when it comes to emailing offers rapidly to online sources. The limitation of Zach's software, is that is is loaded on the desktop. Since you would be emailing the same message, from the same IP address, using the same message every time, craigslist will block you. I use Joe Crump's automarketer, which is far superior. I actually have 7 automarketer accounts pumping out 15,000 emails each and every month to brand new FSBO listings on CL in 9 different states, each and every month.

I saw this webinar pitch. In it, Childress mentions that he has some "REO mining" software that gets bank properties before they are listed, as well as something that scrapes a bunch of FSBO sites for listings.

He spoke as if they were a separate app that he was including as a bonus. Anybody know what this is? Is it a private label of something more well-known? What are some of its competitors?

Thanks for your advice.

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Sorry to disagree with you on this point Terrence...but BP is EXACTLY setup to help folks make these decisions...not to "and make your OWN decisions" as you suggest.

You sound more like a shill for Zachary Childress than someone trying to help.

And the "FREE" book you downloaded wasn't really free was it?

I'm gonna start a new topic about this very thing....feel free to weigh in.

I'm with you Joel. I joined BP to share and learn from veteran investors like your self who hopefully don't have agendas  to take advantage of newbies. My thanks to Wayne Woodson and Casey Carroll as well.

Dan Nolan

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@Daniel Adams

I recently listened to the first 15 minutes of Zach Childress webinar on "How to Automate and Outsource Finding Deals, Making Offers and Finding Buyers" before exiting the show. Your statement that Childress has REO mining software that provides access to bank REO properties before they are listed is another example of the "Charlitan's" in this industry. I have a background in banking with the FDIC and may I suggest that his statement is completely bogus. In much the same way that the SEC regulates "insider trading", a bank releasing non performing assets in one-off's through some secret software controlled by someone named Zack is pure folly. They either liquidate these assets in a bulk sale to institutional buyers such as Hedge funds or market them through REO Real Estate Brokers or online auctions in a measured, slow drip fashion.

I paid $1200 for the Automated Deal Maker strictly for the purpose of finding out how I can have offers be sent automatically.  There were a lot said in the advertising.  Here are the facts along with my opinion:

1)They don't provide the REO list. (This should be disclosed upfront. The need to have access to MLS should also be disclosed.)

2)They have a way to send out any of deal you have and send it to their huge list of buyers.  Well, you have to split your profits with them.  (This should be disclosed upfront during the advertisement).

3)There are testimonials they use in their advertising. I found the one guy from Texas and he said this testimonial is over 7 years old and they do not use the system. Reason is when there was a lot of deals and bank owned the MLS had a lot of listings. In today's market, its limited. The tool works best in a market.

4)I did like the tool that sends you craigslist posting but I think this tool is not proprietary and has been around for anyone.

5)I did like the VA instruction manual for a VA to read that he provides and it is editable.

What was my golden nugget I got from this product:

-I operate with the mindset of having everything close to perfection. I blame this on my corporate america experience.   I honestly realized  I spend too much time in paralysis analysis..though I do get things done.  When Zach's preached "Good is Good enough", that clicked for me.  This hit me like a bullet train.  Not only in my business as a soloprenuer but my personal life.  His preaching was more of taking you to the next level.  Most importantly, my goal is to have my business working in spite of me (a few hours week) but spending the rest of my enjoying life.   It was the Mindset nugget in the manner Zach preached was my ah ha moment.  Yes, I have seen the mechanics and nuts and bolts with a team layout to make your dream work.

Sometimes 'the mesage' in any experienced guru/coach has to be translated in a way that is unique to you and at the right time where you are ready to absorb it.   

Hopefully this helps others.

Hi Mary -

So, was the money you invested for Zack's program worth it?  Did it generate any Profit for you?  Am asking because I watched his Webinar yesterday, Hosted by Connected Investors CEO, Ross Hamilton.  It sounds Great, yet I needed further validation, and came here to see what others had to say.  I'd appreciate you considered Reply.  Thanks in advance.

Terry Schell

Houston, TX

ok fellow BP the last comment i seen on this topic is about a year ago does anyone have any recent feed back or experience about Zach ADM software? how about Mary K. are you still on the program. appreciate any response thanks 

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