has anyone tried any of jamal gibbs courses?

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hello to all,

I know is been a while since I register here at biggerpockets, since then I've been trying to read anything that I can on real estate investing but still have not been successful on how to start investing.

As I was browsing on the web for a good real estate investor techniques, local clubs in my area, forms, documents, contracts, learning how to do them e.t.c. e.t.c....I ended up with a Jamal Gibbs infomercial o what ever they are called and this guy really caught my attention.

First of, because he really sounds like the type of guy that really went through a lot before he got where he is right now and because I identify myself with some of the stories or life experiences that he went through. Next, he really sounds like he knows what he is talking about, so I stayed throughout the whole video until we got to the part of he sells the online course, (I really can't remember the name of the product at this time), videos and books and it really sounded to good to be true because he was actually selling it for 50 or 100 bucks when other gurus usually want to get out of you with no more than 1000 for starters.

I did not buy it because first I wanted to find out if anyone here has actually bought the course or heard of anyone who has bought it or have gone to any seminars of Mr. Gibbs or are doing deals with what Jamal has to offer with his courses.

I am still trying to find out on how to start in real estate investing but I have come to the idea that I really need to be taken by the hand and actually be teached on what to say, where to start, what to look for, where to go look for, what to say to banks, to brokers, lenders and everything that goes with it. Hope anyone can help find out about this guy to see if he es legit ?..and I got one more question, does anybody know if Texas is a good market to do Real Estate investing? Specifically in the border town areas?

thanks all.

@JuanCarlos Contreras Jr Welcome back! I think for the price you would pay for coaching would not compare to the education you can find here on BP! But if you do decide to move forward with a coaching program be sure to talk to several of his students before making a decision. Having a coach who is very responsive to your questions is key. Also Texas is an excellent market to be in right now, I highly recommend you research San Antonio, Houston, and the Dallas market. Hope this helps!

- Paul

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You can get a lot of free solid information on BP of course......I would also suggest listening to Real Estate Investing Podcast as there is a lot of great free information to be had listening to them as apposed to buying courses.

If you feel so inclined you can check out my Podcast, as I give away a TON of free info that is real and applicable to todays market. Its called The Real Dealz Podcast and its on ITunes.

@Tucker Merrihew

Good to know! The podcast where you were interviewed here on BP is one of my favorites; I'll have to check that out.

@JuanCarlos Contreras Jr

I agree with everyone else here. Learn as much as you can here before spending money on a course.

Hi @JuanCarlos Contreras Jr - definitely follow these folks' advice - try bigger pockets first. I didn't and spent thousands on "mentors" before finding bp. While they did help me get my first rental, I overpaid and could have done better through the community here.

Also, I would say don't be fooled by the more affordable $50-100 product. Usually the entry level product is designed to get you in cheap. It usually doesn't teach you all that much and is just a sales pitch for a more expensive course or membership level.

Not saying you won't learn anything from them, but just that you have to be careful.

Disclosure: I am the individual being discussed in this thread.

Hi JuanCarlos,

Thanks for your interest in my programs.  Sorry I'm a bit late on this reply.  I actually just found it.  I've been a quiet member here on BP for quite some time now.  

The program your referring to is NOT your average $100 program.  It's a full blown home study course for under $100.  I've done this purposely in order to make it affordable for new investors.

You can find great information here on BP, but my home study course organizes real estate investing for you, and it explains what worked and didn't work during my 14 years in the business, if that makes sense.

Here's another thread on BP where someone recommended the same course you were talking about:


Hope this helps!