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Any recommendations on a good tax lien / deed course or book for beginners? Asking for a family member.

@Karma Senge

I can not recommend any books or courses.

There are a lot of free webinar & on line stuff; that you can poke around & find out a lot of basic info. But they basically give you info on one particular area that they are familiar with. So categorize all their info; yourself into different states.

I can only tell you how I started to learn tax lien & deed.

Tax lien & deed are same in principle, but varies from each state, county,for their ways of doing it .

First I picked out the state that interests me.

I go onto their county site. find out everything regrading tax sale.

like interest or penalty, rate,redemption period, bidding method, online or live& read the statue.

If online , get yourself registered on their auction site & try out their free on line training.

If live, get a list from the county or city, check out the list, do your due diligence, drive & check out the property, go to the auction & get yourself familiarize with the actual auction. When you first go, things can be very confusing.There are all kinds of auction going on the same time.

We have a few members on BP that have been providing excellent info/advice on tax lien. like

@Jerry K. for AZ, @Ned Carey for Maryland, @Wayne Brook for FL.

@K Marie Poe( I think she mentioned she did tax deed in CA in one of her post) & many others.

If these are the state that you are interest. May be contact one of those BP members, ask a specific question; I think they are glad to help out.Then you can piece all the puzzle together.

That was my tax sale course 101 for you.

tax lien & deed training is an ongoing learning process, each state is a little different.

So you really have to keep learning in order to maximize your return or you can lose it very quickly too. What works in one state can be totally different form the next state.

good investing

Here is some information for the Maricopa County Tax Liens. This is specific to this market, each county will have its own rules and regulations. As Tom mentioned, read up on places that may interest you. I know AZ you can get up to 16% interest. Here are some places to start for Maricopa county:

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One of your best resources is right at CFRI... Sandra Edmond specializes in tax deeds & tax liens.

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