Than Merrill Houston?

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I heard he's coming to houston and the tickets are free does anyone know anything about this?

Hey Jay

We went to one of these seminars a year or two ago. The disappointing thing for us was we thought Than Merrill was going to be there, but it was actually was one of his representatives.  It wasn't bad, but it was a normal free seminar, some good  info but good amount of pressure to buy their "package" deal. 

Just my two cents

@Jay Lozano  ,

I have Than Merrill's program.  PM me if you want more info.


Free Seminar is a general seminar that leads to a paid seminar (I think I paid a little over $200). 

The 2nd one has value in and of itself, however the purpose is to sell one of their coaching packages. I think the top one cost $25k.

I'm not sure what your experience is and you probably already know this but most people are unsuccessful at REI. It's not the"gurus" fault, its just the way it is so be careful how much you spend in the beginning.

My wife and I had a blast at the seminar and met a real nice couple there so no regrets for me anyways.

Like I said, I don't know what your experience level is, but in Joe Mccall's podcast with JP Moses (Pt 1), JP gives some decent advice to newbies looking for education. 

@Renee Stewart I would like to reach out to you to find out more about your business and partner up please email me @[email protected] if your interested. Thanks

Hi @Lena Bledsoe  ,

Thanks for reaching out to me.  PM and let me know how I can help you grow your business.

Happy Investing!


@Jay Lozano   it is exactly what @Russell Ponce  said. 1st seminar is free and that one sells you on the 200 dollar seminar saying that normally they charge 2,000 so its a deal of a life time if you buy it right then and there so me and my partner did went to the 200 dollar one and honestly it was well worth the 200 dollars. but as russell said it is all a build up to try and get you to pay 25k. they offer 3 levels of "training" i think its 12k, 18k, and 25k well my and my partner have been flipping house for awhile and when we sat down for our interview we were told " the only one that will help you is the 25k one" we asked why because the only difference is how many time you get to talk to someone if i remember right its twice a month for 6 months =25k, once a month for 6 months=18k and once a month for 3 months =12k. but the membership also gives you access to thans "Awesome rehab program" its a lot like home depots free one... but basically every time we ask why the 25k one was the only one for us we were rail headed and never given an answer. pay the 200$ go and learn don't waste the 25k. but if you are serious and want to look more into keep the recruiters on the hook and after the seminar the corporate office will call you and set up a online meeting with you to show you more of the product as at the seminar they don't show you anything...

It's more than likely a fortune builder sidekick. My dad and I went to one earlier this year, to the free morning seminar then we paid $197 to go to the three day class a few months later. It was good to get out and do something to get serious about investing and taking the first steps, but truthfully you can learn all of that info on bigger pockets.

I cannot imagine paying $25K for any program.  It is truly amazing that people actually do.  The returns  people would see if they took that $25K and invested it in direct mail would be astronomical compared to whatever they are going to get out of Than.  

Or even partner up with an REI in your area and have them walk you through a deal step by step. There are a lot of people who would be willing to do that. And it would still be far less than the $25K.

I recently attended this seminar, even though I'm a newbie. I felt like it was a good motivator to take action and learn more. Which brought to discover BiggerPockets! So far so good. I'm happy with all the feedback and help available here.

I have to say I was shocked how people went rushing to purchase it so quickly. I don't feel so bad after all for not spending the $200. Because, I'm starting to see that the sale was more important than the material. But, I'm curious to find out what's in the material that they were offering. If you purchased it, was it helpful? 

@Lena Bledsoe  

I paid the $200 for the seminar. It was worth it to me, at least a kickstart in the right direction. I also got a free month of FB University which had a lot of educational audios. I would neither recommend or dissuade anyone from attending. It gave a good overview of rei, but they are not the only source of that info, nor are they the least expensive.

the 200 seminar was decent, very well put together and the 1st 2 and a half days are worth it leave the 2nd half of the last day. but yes the 1st two days were well worth it. me and my partner each paid 100 so i ended up going for half off. they try to tell you not to do that as you only get one set of " materials" but the materials are pointless other than a decent read once you get home. 

I am attending the $200 dollar seminar here in Atlanta on Friday. From what I hear its good info for a newbie. I have no plans on purchasing any other training from them after that, but I'm looking forward to learning more and hopefully a ton of networking.

They provide decent to good content and pretty much the same you can get here on Bigger Pockets.. Half of the 3 day seminar is spent up-selling you to join their mastery program.. Yes, they have a good system in place but if you do not have the drive or passion, no money or attendance will grant you the keys to success..

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