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Hi BP's,

Does anybody know anything about Kaplan's PMC program ?

I am currently licensed as a RE agent in CA, and wanted to get into the RE property management business, start my own company even.

I would really appreciate if someone could pour some light on this topic.

Thank you !

@Eldar Manetsh  

I do not know anything about Kaplan PMC Program. I will personally pursue the Certified Property Manager Credential from They are affiliate with NAR, have high standards with education and upon my research this is what fit the most to my experience and professional goals.

There is a bunch of lousy courses out there, so beware!. Do not forget to check your state requirements to start your company. 

@Kenndy Mendoza

I agree, CPM is the way to go. It's an NAR recognized designation. You will stand out if you are a CPM vs a no name property manager.

Hope it helps.

@Kenndy Mendoza  

Thank you for the info, I'll try to check this website for CA certificate, and reviews.

@James Syed  

If I am not mistaken, Kaplan is recognized by NAR as well, but thank you for the input guys.

@Eldar Manetsh I don't think you could earn CPM designation thru Kaplan courses. You will have to through irem. Check their website at

Hope it helps.

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