The Flipping Formula - sat through 2 hour seminar and

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I am so disappointed, after reading this thread! I attended the Tarek & Christina (SuccessPath) free 3-hour seminar, plunked down my $2000 and just attended the 3-day course. Actually, I'm between day 2 and 3 "decision time" on which of 3 training packages to buy ranging from $20-75k (even severely discounted to $15-41k is money I know I shouldn't spend!). But I so wanted to be able to learn a real system to get myself and family involved in real estate without having to reinvent the wheel. Seems like such a great time to invest here in SW Florida. I knew I should have walked out when the weekend started with "use OPM", but first tell us what money you have, and put your retirement funds into a self-directed IRA so you can ... Well, it sounds like you all know the drill !!

Isn't there any classroom where you can experiment with the concepts, investing on paper or in small amounts, until you prove the system and your knowledge works before becoming "all in" as David Freier kept making us chant the last two days?

@Melissa Mutkoski

No rush, the deal being presented will be available next week next month 6 months from now.

After you have gone through the extensive resources on BP then you can make a decision on what else you may need.

Remember this is a marathon not a sprint.


The Flipping Formula, Advanced real estate education, Zurixx is a rip off.  They make promises that they cannot provide.  They promise you the world and once you sign up tell you how to go find what you need.  They try to get in your pocket every step of the way. One of the worst decisions I have ever made.  

You can join a local real estate club and save yourself a ton of money.

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