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Just got back from Dallas Tarek and Christina El Mossa's Flip Advantage training. Good training but the $20k to $70k cost for advanced training and prop stream software was too much to me. Thoughts anyone?

I really doubt what you spent on the 3 day course was worth it.  As I've said before in another thread you'd probably have been better off buying J Scott's book on flipping.  

I can't imagine how spending $3k would be worth it let alone $20k.  

Just can't rationalize the expense for this type of training from any perspective. Too much of this mentorship training is emotional and less nuts and bolts.

I am now on my 4th flip property and spent under $30 on J. Scott's book, numerous hours reading and learning on BP, talking with a local guy here in Jacksonville who had a little experience and mostly capitalizing on my own good sense and ability to think a deal through and make a decision promptly. Certainly there is a lot to learn about this business but it can be accomplished much more cost effectively than a major capital investment in such a program.

Tarek and Christina don't even seem to have a "secret" if you watch the TV show. They buy off the MLS and at the foreclosure auctions; nothing secret there. Looks like they are just trying to take advantage of the circumstances now - "strike while the iron is hot" philosophy in play IMO.

Can you share 1 or 2 nuggets of information that you learned at the training that you didn't already know and will be really helpful to you going forward??


Your post is one of the few I could find from someone who actually attended the 3-day workshop, so I'm hoping you can provide some additional insight.  

During the initial 3-hour introductory sessions, the "access to lenders and funding" is a huge selling feature for the 3-day workshop.  And the purchase order for the workshop says..."We will provide you with access to our preferred funding sources and our network of lenders."  

I'm just wondering how this is addressed during the workshop and if "access" is tied to your willingness to move forward with the more expensive follow on mentoring package.

Thanks in advance!


@Chuck Raderstorf Not sure what your situation is and in case Rodney doesn't answer you, but here are few things to think about. 1) the list of preferred funding sources and network of lenders will be provided to either everyone who attends the 3 day course, meaning hundreds of people or more or it will provided to those want to spend $20K to $70K, so you'd be in competition with a lot of others. 2) No experienced private lender, that you don't know, will lend to an inexperienced rehabber, unless they (the Lenders) are total idiots. 3) It is likely that you will end up using hard money if you don't have your own funds or access to some private money. 4) I'm certain there are hard money lenders in your area available via the web or your local REIA.

I will agree with Craig as that's a lot of money you are better to just go out there and do it. Hopefully worst case is you break even. If you do lose a little write it off as education. With that said I am a big believer of seminars and events. If you just pick up one thing from the event that will more then pay for itself never mind the value of networking from people from all over the country.  

I went to the training this past weekend. However it was for a FAR different reason than most. I have been to other types of seminars before and for very specific goal:

You need to know:

1. What personality types, profiles, etc are the average people who will 'try' to get into any form of RE investing.And who could be players against you. This way you can spot them from a MILE away at networking events: the good and bad ones (Think of it like the RE agent you know and talks the talk, but really knows nothing because (s)he hasn't really done a deal.)

2. Be a sponge. Soak in as much as possible: contract clauses were good, asset protection structure was good... for those who never heard of 1031 Exchange, they did a great job, How to price a wholesale deal or flip properly w/ caveats to make sure you will be OK on the other side, what to watch out for at auctions (bank reps who are there to bid up the prices so the bank recaptures more of the lost asset)

3. The irritation of the emotional rollercoaster "You guys rock!" // "You can't do this because you don't have the skills.. buy our mentorship!" // "Wow are you guys pumped, you're awesome you're the next super achievers... you might even be the next celebrity TV reality show"..... Yes, David Freier "Your Host" at a Flip Advantage 3day will do all of that and more... It WILL annoy the heck out of you. (You'll not want to do that again.)

4. Get it out of your system. You may learn a lot as a newbie in a short period. The information was great. I am not good at reading large volumes of information. I'm a visual person so the seminar is a good STARTING point to gauge a baseline with of what you know vs don't know.

5. As a newbie, I did connect a lot of financial dots from my financial planning, economics and other experiences. I had a lot of 'A-HA!" moments. Most people missed these nuggets because they didn't have that backgound. So I shared with many why what they stated made sense. ie why would a bank wholesale a boat load of property on the cheap. Well, if you understand banking liquidity and debt requirements... you get it quick. (That was a big one for me. I had many and most had nothing to do with finance, but how's and why's.)

There are a lot of very good reasons to look at these types of seminars, if it fits how you process information, don't want to read a lot and want to get through the basics real quick. Now, is all of the information pertinent to Florida where I live. NO! And they are very upfront about that... the information is generic. But you understand concepts and that is what matters. Know your context and then learn content.

Regarding the mentorship, don't waste money. Here is the deal:

You'll be told there is a money back guarantee. However, unless you do the work THEY demand you do (fyi be coachable to every item... which could conflict timewise with your job, family life, other commitments, etc) you don't get a dime back. Would I rather deal with someone I am introduced to via my relationships and networks vs a total stranger. I'll take the former, especially if it is a mentor who is recommended by someone I trust who as 'been there done that and has the scars to prove it'. 

Lastly, it is relatively small money. under $2k. Is that expensive compared to a book. yes. but it is relative to information I did not already have? Yes! Many of things I have read AFTER the seminar line up with many things I have read here and REIA websites. So, I deem their information as accurate and with good ways to do the knowledge capture.

End result: I got a lot out of it. I crammed my head with lots of information which shortcutted a lot of trial and error and reading. I don't have time for all of that. I want it now and correct. They did that. 

DISCLAIMER: I *DID* share phone numbers with the people I thought would have the greatest chance of success due to their emotional need (they had a strong 'why do it') and it was not going to emotionally scar them if it failed miserably. So, it comes down to a race. If they score more deals and make more money in 3-6 months than I do and they can repeat the process on their own: I'll take the course. (FYI they all signed up for the Diamond for $42k because the concentration is on wholesale and flips in the beginning to make the money fastest.... David Freier and Aundra (guy's name like Andre but spelled differently) anyway they both said that.

So we will see..... time for a race to make money :-)

Have a great evening.

I hope this was helpful,



If you need a few sources to provide funds for your real estate investment deal, let me know, I have a few names that I have built up over the past decade.  Some have stood the test of time and are still out their providing money to investors.

Originally posted by @Uniqca Powell :


If you need a few sources to provide funds for your real estate investment deal, let me know, I have a few names that I have built up over the past decade.  Some have stood the test of time and are still out their providing money to investors.

 Thanks Uniqca. I'll definitely keep you in mind as I move forward. 


@Cal C.  Thanks for the insight. I hadn't really looked at it from the "competition" aspect. As I read more postings here, definitely seems that finding local sources through networking is the way to go.


@Account Closed  Sounds like your experience was definitely worth the $$$ for you. As you say though, you had very different expectations. I'm guessing there were quite a few who attended having bought into the "get rich quick" pitch. Thanks for sharing.


Chuck Raderstorf -

There definitely were! Here is a breakdown of the demographic:

55-70    75%

70-80+ 10%

<21-40 10%

40-55   5%

The biggest group was there due to lack of funds for retirement or had a major setback, issue or family medical concern and needed to make quick money. All of which were bad reasons to go to a class like this.

For anyone else who reads this in the future, if you are looking for a program to help you and you have a strong emotional need to make money, DO NOT GO TO THESE SEMINARS!!!! They are there to push your emotional hot buttons and get you to take the course. 

Thanks Chuck for keeping me in mind. 


I read the guru posts pretty much as a sport, reminds me of fishing and at these prices, we are in deep sea fishing.

The bait is always the same, phycology and marketing, casted by financing opportunities trolling with mentorship.

Isn't there some system on the internet that picks up words and phrases, key words, that identifies posts where guru support staff types or franchisees can go to post remarks, under the radar, perhaps reverse phycology gaining a bit of credibility while advancing other aspects? Is that possible?

I call it forum chatter.

Since financial institutions are restricted in RE to a lending area from their main or any branch office, you'll be looking at hard money lending under any system for any strategy in RE. Give me 70K, I'll be happy to loan some of it back to you at some usury rate with points in a deal that I qualify.

Real estate seems to be the subject of these seminars, but the product is always an intangible one, concepts, strategies, ideas that are difficult to replicate by just anyone but sold with the hype of success and wealth.

I'm just amazed at the schools of fish that follow these cruisers and the number that bite, even to the extent of inquiring more about some system as if there is some education offered.

I went to some TV show seminar just for the fun of it, results are posted here somewhere. It was nothing more than teaching flips and rehabs in order to provide funding through their organization, just a hard money lender spinning the real mission of lending as helping folks succeed in RE.

Like I said, it's deep sea fishing, you have to look much deeper than what floats at the surface to understand what's going on. :)     

Hey all. This is great information. Yes, these type of trainings are mostly hype but there was some very good information and it was a great place to get my wife on board by seeing the financial side and protection as well as meeting many of the staff/workers who are RE investors as well.

We were the only ones at the meeting who raised our hand when the question was asked "who in here already has a million dollars in the bank and/assets?" Sitting on $1.6 mill, we want to invest wisely.

Owner occupied home: value at $525k (paid cash Feb 2013 for $360k and $20k in updates)
Rental property: value at $240k (paid $211 cash May 2014)
The rest in retirement/cash investments

So we are using the equity in our home at 80% of value to invest using HELOC to invest in flips and pay for our daughters college.

@Bill Gulley  - you should never let the sharks know how good of a feeding they might get when they go after you ...  :)

No idea why, I wasn't hard on them, but thanks for the reminder of who's twist to thinking that was about, I don't pay attention to the names of these types really.

I attended the free 3 hr seminar but did not sign up for the 2k 3 day.  I was, however, very interested in the tax lien portion of it that you could buy for $1000.  Just wondering if anyone bought that and if they thought it was worth it. I know tax lien info is public information but supposedly they had a way to do your "due diligence"

@Kristi Stafne The tax lien books and info I have seen recommended "Due Diligence" that I have never found to be important. The laws vary tremendously from state to state. however in general the most important part of due diligence is knowing the value of what you are bidding on. That is the security for your lien.

Since in most areas a tax lien foreclosure wipes out other liens and mortgages, due diligence on other liens is simply not important. Of course the devil is in the details and there are a lot of details. But my experience is most courses don't cover the details that matter.

Originally posted by @Rodney Marcantel :

Just got back from Dallas Tarek and Christina El Mossa's Flip Advantage training. Good training but the $20k to $70k cost for advanced training and prop stream software was too much to me. Thoughts anyone?

$20K to $70K for a 3 day real estate seminar?

@Account Closed yes, 20K - 70K depending on the classes and days you attend and parties, etc. I never attended cause I'm smarter than that. Although, they said they would work 3 deals (I assumed wholesale deals) with you to help with expenses.

Originally posted by @Rodney Marcantel :

@Greg F. yes, 20K - 70K depending on the classes and days you attend and parties, etc. I never attended cause I'm smarter than that. Although, they said they would work 3 deals (I assumed wholesale deals) with you to help with expenses.

 lol.. if it is for wholesale deals, justifying the price tag may be harder. Depending on your market and the specifics of the wholesale deal, it may take quite a few deals to make the $70K and break even. Seems very high a price for a seminar.

Save your money...All the trainings, even under different TV personalities, comes from the same marketing company, use the 20-70k to actually purchase a home.  I lost my 401k,  28k and never recover it.  I should have buy a home.  If I can turn back time, that is what I would do.  

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