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A long time ago I was a stock broker in Vancouver Canada.  my sales manager was really big with life coaches and motivational speakers like Tony Robbins as well as finance "gurus" like T Harv Egger and Robert Kiyosaki.  I quickly got a very nasty taste in my mouth as I came to the belief that those who can't do, teach.  I also came across a whole slew of "life coaches" whom I knew to be broke, unsuccessful or sometimes even just downright pathetic...and they were telling me what to do!  hah!  

anyway, since the early 2000s i have dismissed every single motivational speaker, guru, etc., i have come across.  i think they make tons of money...telling people what to do, selling cds, books, courses, etc.  

however...last night i went to a local networking event and listened to Greg Pinneo, an apparent self estate investor from WA but with dealings all around the country.  While he wont get into many of the financing details he employs until Saturday's event, which i am attending, i was honestly impressed by him.  he asked some pretty good questions and pointed out some rather basic, albeit extremely useful thought paradigms.

has anyone any experience with him or his events?  at this event there were a lot of the top producing realtors and they all said they've attended his events and done his courses etc., and all said he's maybe there's something to it.  


LOL...yeah i just finished reading through the charges...13 months in prison...hmmm.  well, i still like the whole "lead a deliberate life" part, but i'll have my extra "defenses" up on Saturday.  

my fav show, CNBC's American Greed tells of tales similar to what he had done:  zero-down real estate financing.  the funny thing is that most of the scammers are caught doing something on a minor level early in their careers, then up their game and make the big bucks...and then get sent back to the big house.  i pray he doesnt follow suite.  

although i am the last person to pass judgement on anyone, few of us can completely escape our bad habits.  

regardless, his speech was somewhat motivating, even to the nearly "unmotivatable" like me.  

maybe it was the NLP that most of these speakers use ...

neuro-linguistic programming?  most definitely, that's what my sales manager back in the day was addicted to.  i admit i think it works.  

This past weekend I attended his Power Players event in Las Vegas. After the first day I went home. It was lots of motivational rah-rah, outlandish public displays of emotion, but really not much content. A bunch of speakers were preaching the "your time is now" mantra and one guy spent an hour doing a commercial for his fishing lodge (that he didn't build, he was born into it) at about $1,000/night. I sent an email requesting a refund (free to ask) and stated that I felt I wasted my time. Below is his extremely obnoxious and totally uncalled for response which I'm so glad he sent to me in an email and now I can share it with all of you so you can see who the real Greg Pinneo is:


I have attended hundreds of conferences in this country. The over two hundred e-mails I have received in the last two days exclaiming that this event is better in every way than anything anyone has ever seen is enough ratification for my own impressions. How you can sit through the likes of Chandless who has bought hundreds of properties, Roger Wilson who has done the same, and Mike Cantu who has purchased 1300 , followed by Tim Shaw who owns several multi- million dollar businesses, Johanna Gardner and her expertise, and then Simon Kelly who has run a 25 year multi-million dollar lodge and conclude that you were “wasting your time and money” is beyond me and every other individual in attendance. I was tempted to put your e-mail up on the screen, word for word, and let 250 people blast your arrogance and ignorance but I do not want you to have the benefit of gathering their contact information. You do not deserve it. Even your own “partner” has not heard a word from you. I think you are full of **** and just hoping to dine and dash as it were, or perhaps you are just an arrogant idiot. Either way, not only are you not getting a refund, you will be removed from our data base. You simply do not get it. We are all better off without you in our midst.

If you want to discuss this face to face, my information is below.

Greg Pinneo"

Didn't look like over two hundred people were in attendance to me, but I'm not one for exaggeration. He claims in the email that 250 were there and 80% of them sent him private emails praising the event. I don't buy it. Just more pathetic showmanship. I love how he is accusing me of "hoping to dine and dash." I'm not exactly sure on what as he wasn't offering anything other than free iced tap water and tears by the over emotional speakers. At the end of the day, this "no selling" event was nothing more than an opportunity for him to pitch his $15,000 one day coaching program and $5,000 seminars which were advertised on a flyer he handed out. This guy is just another huckster like any other guru on the information selling circuit. He sent me that nasty email full of immature name calling over a lousy $400. What a joke. I sent him an email telling him to keep it. He obviously needs it more than me. The email above is worth more to me than the $400 anyway because of the traction it will generate in showing the public the type of person he truly is deep down inside - just another greedy, cheap, arrogant, ******* with a bad face lift and dyed hair.

My suggestion: Avoid.

WOW!!!!  my Spidey sense were right...I am really sorry you lost $400 and your time.  but you have one heck of a story to tell. 

save that email for all time.  it's invaluable. 

and thank you very much for sharing.  so much appreciated.  if I could vote 100 times I would. 

Met Greg yesterday at a local rei all day showcase of his expertise and offers.  His personal narrative is simply amazing as well his handle on the entrepreneur elements of real estate.  Although I invested in some of his materials, the verdict on his life long integrity is still out just like it is with any of us still breathing.  After reading the warnings above from fellow biggerpocketers, (thanks contributers), my investment flashed before my eyes as I realized I may have just got hustled by a real 'huskster' as Aaron put it.   But then I recalibrated my definition of success on the engagement enjoyed beyond him.  You see there were 5-6 of his contracted protégés (I am not one and no plans on becoming one) in the room of 20 of us yesterday who are practically new Ree's like me.  We all have interests in a couple of the same cities and decided last night over dinner after Greg had flown home to in fact persue some deals together in the immediate future.

My read on Greg is this.  Outside the box competant, passionate, ambitious, very competitive in the world of top end RE mentors, escentric, not for everyone.

Buyer Beware Means OBJECTIVE Fit for your plan and season of development.  Let's not kid ourselves by pretending that "what one doesn't know" is not an obstacle of success in this business.  Otherwise we not be here on biggerpockets.

I spoke at Gregs conference in Vegas that year....and I am no guru. I have spent hundreds of thousands of my own money to learn one simple little strategy that could help or tweak my business and I have spent nearly $60,000 of that money with Greg. My HUD statements speak for themselves and I am not here to prove anything but I will stand in Gregs defense that he is the most anti guru teacher I have ever known. He despises those people and while I will not cast judgement on those who are quick to judge others, I can personally attest that Greg has invested 10 fold into me as a human, husband, father and investor in exchange for the little money I have given him in exchange. Do your homework before you throw your venom. Typically the words you cast out onto others are the deepest secret thoughts you have of yourself. For the record, there were 263 people at the event. I know cause I stood at the front and counted them prior to going live. Ill stand in front of Greg and give my testament as to how he took me from a wholesaling bad *** in my market and showed me how to slow down and build wealth which allowed me to exit from my company and move to Florida within 2 years of changing the way I did business. I know. Im living proof of what good guidance can do for people who do not have unrealistic expectations.

FYI, I'm still in his database and he continues to email his nonsense. So, either he is just a lazy house keeper and likes to make idle threats, or he is truly the pathetic, greedy ahole I believe him to be because he hopes I will write him a check for $15,000 to come here, walk around the streets and point to contractors working on a house, then tell me those are the people I should be talking to. (I now a guy who paid the money and that is basically what they did.)

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