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Help! My partner and I attended the Tarek and Christina El Mourssa Flipping Advantage seminar this past weekend. We signed up for the upcoming 3 day weekend and paid 1997.00 for it. I have been researching this on the web tonight and find many negatives and few positives. Has anyone had experience with this seminar? I would really appreciate the feedback since I am getting COLD feet and considering getting my money back before the 3 day.

Thanks for any assistance. Marianne

I know nothing about these folks or this class.  But it you can get your money back you should.  Read J Scott's book on flipping houses.  Do some reading here.  You'll learn everything you would in that course.  And you won't get any pitches to sign up for the next, and more expensive, phase in their "training".

The only insight I can offer is doing a lot of reading here and listening to the podcasts offered here. I went to their free seminar run by some student/associate (1 hour) and they had a guest speaker talk about tax liens (another hour and a half and still going when I left), and left feeling........not sure how to describe it. Best I can think of is heavy on the sales/fear pitch, but also they were predatory, like a shark kind of predatory. Not sure which "scared" me off more, that feeling or the $1997 (which I didn't have).

GET YOUR MONEY BACK! I don't think any of these seminars can teach you anything you can't find on BP or find in a book. Generally speaking, these companies are NOT in the business of teaching the business, they are in the business of selling seats in an auditorium. If you get the chance, ask some of these people how much RE they own or have turned and then ask for documentation. Then let's see how much true experience they have.

I would get your money back.  

Disclosure: I offer coaching and I am affiliated with a coach.

There are good gurus and bad gurus. I don't know anything at all about this program that you are speaking about. But, contrary to what many say here on BP, there are some techniques and information relating to REI that are not readily available just by reading here on BP. Not bashing BP, because there's a LOT of great info here, but there's also other sources of info that are great as well.

I don't believe there's anything you can learn from a gooroo that you can't learn here. The fundamental difference between the massive BP resource and forum system and paying big buckaroos for seminars and gooroo fees is you have all the information here and have to make your own decision about your specialty and disseminate the information which takes time, effort and personal commitment. Gooroos will make all your decisions for you and even do your thinking for you - if you let them and/or if that's what you want. 

Here's the real question you should be asking yourself; do you want to lead or be led?

How many really hot leads could you generate for $2,000?

Best of luck whatever you decide.

Disclosure: I provide coaching, and I am affiliated with a coach.

@David T.  said that there is nothing that a guru can teach that's not already here on BP (and I've seen many, many others say the same thing here on BP as well).  I don't consider myself to be a "guru", but there are some things that I do in my business to find great deals that I have never seen taught or discussed here on BP at all (and I've searched the forums for it).  And I've also done Google searches on the topic as well, and again could not find anyone teaching or discussing this particular technique.  I shared this technique with some of the people and my mastermind group, and they had never considered it (very experienced and successful investors in this group).  Sorry, I don't give this information out for free to others outside of my mastermind group.  Why should I?  I spent many, many years learning and developing my techniques in this one particular area (and a good bit of my own money as well).

Gurus, Coaches, and Teachers also provide value by bringing together information and presenting it in a logical, concise format.  Sure, you may be able to spend 500 hours reading for free on BP to get the same information, but you may also be able to get it from a good coaching product in 10 hours of reading.  Also, coaches often provide accountability in addition to providing information.

Hello - I just finished the 3 day seminar and it was crap. Please don't waste your money. 75% of the time was spent on lecturing the class that if you don't have a mentor you will not be successful in RE investing so don't waste your time. 

It was a complete was of time and our teacher Dina actually told the class we can't talk to other student or exchange numbers as peer networking is worthless and you should only network up for the price of $45k for two days or mentoring. WTF, last time I checked we have a 1st amendment that allows us to speak to whoever we want.  

Her last words to the class were, if your not going to sign up, your going to waste your time out there and not be able to do anything so you might as well stick to your day job!!! I about fell off my chair. AVOID this group at all costs!

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