Has anyone here invested with Thom Garlock?

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I am reviewing an offering memorandum from Thom Garlock.  He has written several investment books and is the owner of Teton Land and Development Group in Jackson, Wyoming.  Has anyone here invested in his projects?  If so, what were your results?

big prices in Jackson Hole if that is were the projects are...

This one is actually across the border into Idaho.  I understand it is where those who serve the the homeowners and work at the businesses in Jackson live.  

Driggs ?

Hey @Jeff Rabinowitz , despite being from Wyoming I am no help.  Jackson is kind of like it's own state.  The boom areas everyone knows, but Jackson walks to the beat of a different drummer in Wyoming.

This project is in Victor, Idaho.  Just across the border from Wyoming.

@Jerry W. , I haven't found much about Thom or his companies that wasn't put out by Thom himself.  Nothing on the BBB.  Of course, that is not necessarily bad and may be quite good.  Have you heard anything about him?

@Jeff Rabinowitz , to be honest I have never heard of this guy.  Again Jackson does not play much with the rest of the state so that doesn't mean anything.

Disclosure: Investor

I bought two shares a couple of years ago.  I'm at the project today. It's in Victor, ID.  Looks like the foundations are in.  No building going on now.  I took a few pics.  Here's hoping it will continue advancing.

Thom is fairly easy to reach and has a couple other interesting investments.  I'll wait until I see are turn on this one before I put more money in.

@Tony Baczynski , has the building been progressing according to schedule or has he fallen behind? The photos I saw recently from the satellite images looked like there was a lot of bare earth still. I expected more progress at this point.

Any updates on the Teton Land & Development Groups Trail Creek projects?

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