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I talked to Brian Gibbons today for around 30 minutes. He gave me a short description of some of the ways to invest in Real Estate and then talked to me about what I want to do with real estate. Of course he was trying to promote his mentoring program, but he was not super pushy about it or anything. He touched on a few ideas that I had not thought about, so I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to talk with him.

Three posts-each about Brian Gibbons.

Are you advertising Brian Gibbons?

Disclosure: Yes I am Brian Gibbons

Hi @Nathan Herring 

I'm you thought the 30 minutes was worthwhile.

I hope you find the time valuable.

Best of luck in NYC!


@Joseph Ball  

No I am not advertising Brian Gibbons. Brian offered to talk to me on the phone for 30 minutes in which time he told me about his mentoring program and gave me some advice about my interest in Real Estate Investing. I was simply giving a review of the phone call that I had with Brian.

Disclosure: I am Brian Gibbons

Nathan being 25 years old in new York city is an exciting time you want to, go to all the REI the meetings and have a business card with a phone number,meet a lot of people and just ask him what to have a looking for and write on the back of their business card, as the REI a president what can you do to help him or her be a servant to the community and a lot of good things will happen to you, like insurance real estate is all about people in solving problems

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@Account Closed this is a pretty vague negative review.  Can you explain why you haven't had any return on your investment?  

What are you trying to accomplish specifically, what steps have you taken to get there, why hasn't it worked out, and what have you learned from that to improve your process and try again?

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@Account Closed You seem fairly negative of this relationship/service. I'm curious, has the gentleman not delivered as promised or are you feeling a little buyer's remorse? What could be better about the situation (besides you making back the $7K).

@Account Closed   one minutes you say Brian is providing quality service the next you say you have not got your money's worth.

One thing I have learned in this industry and following paid for mentors and TV guru's is that regardless of how much anyone spends or does not spend.. They can only do so much its up to you to execute and if you can't execute its not the Guru or mentors fault.. Its yours.. there is little to nothing that is new in Real estate and what these folks do is condense it down to give you many different methods scheme's models to pursue.

At this point I really don't think your feedback is credible and or fair to your paid mentor.

I hope it all works out but I have seen this show before very common.. especially on BP were the slant is anti paid training and anyone who does should not as its all free here.

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@Jay Hinrichs

The problem with coaching is that you never know what you are getting. I found that most people going to the seminars produced by the big name Guru's have an expectation that there is a magical formula and they will get rich overnight. Most Guru's prey on this with the false promise of "I will teach you everything I know and hence you will become as wealthy and famous as me". Anyone who has ever done a real estate transaction knows this is not the truth, REI is hard and not a short cut to wealth. I blame the coach's/Guru's, even the most well intentioned, as they should vet their clients/students as much as the client/student should be vetting them. If the expectation is overnight wealth then have them move on to someone less ethical that will fleece them.

@Account Closed ?  I have been on BP for sometime now.  From what I can tell Brian has a lot of happy students.  I might be wrong but I do not remember anyone saying negative things about his training program.  In my opinion there are very few people on BP that know as much about creative finance and closing creative real estate deals as Brian does.  It would seem that if you got a lead/deal he pretty much has a way or multiple ways to close that deal and make money.  

Are the leads just not coming in?  If so, then why?  How much marketing are you doing?

@Account Closed   I may not have paid for his training but I have paid for a lot of training over the years actually probably well over 100 thousand dollars worth.. and I have had a pretty nice career based on the paid training I got..

I have first hand knowledge of most in the industry and talk to many folks just like you over the years.. there seems to be this fantasy that one can just buy there way into this business and if it does not work for you ,, which it sounds like its not.. ergo your negative comments regarding Brian.. when in fact it just does not work for most people.. not that your any different than most your probably hitting the norm.. full time job... maybe you don't like what you do .. and you have a fantasy of getting rich and working for yourself in RE.. this fantasy comes true for some.. but the vast majority it does not. and the factors leading to it not working are far more than who you paid to be your mentor.  some people just are not cut out for this business.. personality wise.. follow through wise  education and intelligence wise. etc...

When I attend the big guru events and I got to 2 to 4 a year as a guest... I look at 300 to 400 people  and we know each and everyone of them paid 20 to 30k to be there or per couple.. and yet how many of those are going to make it or even make enough to get their 30k back ... well its all law of averages.. as I sit and look at some and talk to some I see some star's who I think will rise up and grab the brass ring and I see others and talk with others that just have no clue no matter who is training them.. they will fail.  but they may be good at their other job and should just stick to that. and maybe save money and buy rental houses like most folks do if they want to get into RE investing

@Account Closed   I hear what your saying.. and from my attending these events over the years the folks that actually pay the money and get to the big event are pretty happy and feel they have gotten value.. however your spot on about Real Estate Rich's fantasy and its promulgated all over the web  including BP

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Originally posted by @Account Closed :
Originally posted by @Louis Kelley:

Account Closed You seem fairly negative of this relationship/service. I'm curious, has the gentleman not delivered as promised or are you feeling a little buyer's remorse? What could be better about the situation (besides you making back the $7K).

Well Louis, the truth is I am negative. You see, when you spend $7000 on a "coach" you would expect to say that you learned more from him than free videos on youtube... Unfortunately I can not say that.

I don't experience buyers remorse, that's silly. I earn good income and analyze any large purchases before hand. My paying for Brian stems from that. I paid Brian Gibbons (askbriangibbons, REIskills) because of his free information and his roll in this community. Unfortunately my time with my coach has (up-to-now) has been less than stellar. I will and forever be Brians ugly third arm, who knows, I might end up being Brian Gibbons BEST advertisement because I will ONLY speak the truth. If I report back a real return on investment, the people will know.

I plan to follow his every instruction, and as we can all see, I am a man of action. I think a few of the forum members that know me can attest to that.

Well we all experience Buyer's remorse at some point. You've just said yourself that you're learning more from youtube videos. My question would be why didn't you watch the videos before dropping the $7K? The second issue is that if you're concerned about the quality of the information he is providing you why wouldn't you tell the man what you need him to give you (my apologies if you're already explained that your learning curve was x & now its Y).  I would think that someone who delivers this type of material to multiple students has a written curriculum that he follows and charts you along that path. If you started with him at a 1st grade level but because of self training are ready for highschool or college, how would he know?

The last question I would have is that if you've advanced and are ready to make it happen, why aren't you closing deals (I don't know your experience level)? For me personally, I'm just starting out and can afford to navigate the waters without a mentor. If/when I move to commercial, I'm sure I'll be connecting with people that are smarter than me/ more experience to get me on the right path.

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@Account Closed is a huge fan of the gurus.   All he is saying is that education is important and no matter who it is teaching the information the student has to be willing to step out and do what is required of them in order to get the leads.  And, then be willing to do that work that is required to turn the leads into deals. 

Jay is one of a handful of people on BP that I trust what they are saying and that they know what they are doing.  He has had an extremely successful career and I believe at one point owned almost 400 rentals.  So, I think he knows what he is talking about.

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@Account Closed Sounds good.  Let us know how things go.  I will be interested in hearing about it.   

As far as saying you would not recommend his coaching, just seems like it would be better to wait the entire 12 months before making a statement on BP about his coaching program.  Probably would have been better in a PM if you just felt seriously compelled to do so.

@Account Closed  I have talked to Brian over the phone before and he seems very knowledgeable. I have not used his services so i have no dog in the fight.

However a negative review after 3 months where you have not made any money seems to be unfair to me. It easily takes 6+ months to even close the first deal for most investors and up to a year to be profitable. If you have a negative review then state why. Is he not providing guidance, not easy to reach, methods don't work? Please state more intricate details. If the only issue is that you have not made money given the short time frame then that is not exactly a good basis for a review in my opinion.

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I have a philosophy which also applies to gurus, coaches, mentors, etc.:

No one gets a paycheck their first day on a new job, and no employer pays a new hire for work they've done for other employers.

We all get paid to produce a result. If we don't produce, both hourly and salaried alike will find on-going employment challenging. Anyone who demands payment upfront immediately loses their incentive to produce if they get it.

My $0.02...

David J Dachtera

"Success is not a destination. Failure is not an event. Success is a process, failure is a choice."
- DJ Benedict

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