Has anyone used Kent Cloteir www.findmotivatedseller.com? Can you truely see vacant properties there? What is the accuracy level?

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Has anyone closed any deals that you found through his website?

I get a TON of emails from him but never look at them. I ended up unsubscribing lately actually because I've changed my game plan a bit. 

Isn't this something that really any direct mail program could do?  Our company does this everyday.

anything that appears hyped probably is just that. I just unsubscribed as well. Not a fan of the guru and hype

No, I agree with @Rob Caldwell   

Houses are vacant for lots of reasons doesn't mean they want to sell.

I know of wholesalers who have gotten deals mailing to his vacant list.

I just recently purchased the FMSN, and yes you can see vacant properties, and also high equity free and clear.  There are tons to choose from, also allows you to pick a state, and up to 5 counties. I haven't closed any deals or mailed any letters due to being so busy at the holiday season.  

Has anyone closed on any deals that were found through his list/website?

It seems they got another one now, callwithkent.com

The difference they are pitching between them and traditional list companies is that you pay 2k one-time for the program and can pull the list as many times as you want and it includes some marketing tools.

Being able to pull useless information as many times as you want is still useless.

I'm curious to see if anyone has actually used their system and how accurate information is compared to traditional list providers? I am skeptical, so seeing real users back it up would be helpful.

P.S. His name is actually Kent Clothier and is supposedly the best wholesaler in the country (not sure according to whom).

Thx all, grate info. That's exactly what I thought

This is funny, I can't find ANYONE here that has made money from them?? It sounds so good coming from them and thats what makes it funny.

Listening to his webinar.....just way tooo much hype about him.... If life is so great...why wouldn't he be working these leads?

I guess he is the real deal....just found this on Wikipedia


Since December 2002, Kent has been in the real estate investing and real estate education industries, becoming an industry trainer, and national speaker.[2] Kent’s organization, Real Estate Worldwide and affiliated companies, have sold over $35 million in real estate investing software, education, and personalized mentoring to students all over North America.[3] His family’s investment company has sold over 600 turnkey properties a year and managing over 3,500 properties in 3 states.[4][5]

In 2015, Kent and his family had the distinguished honor of having 4 companies named in Inc Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list. Again in 2016, Kent and his family had multiple companies on this list.[6]

After helping over 55,000 real estate entrepreneurs from all over the world, Kent and his team primarily focus on teaching and training entrepreneurs on how to design and build a scalable real estate investing business using their Reverse Wholesaling/Arbitrage Method and leveraging big data to create targeted lists of cash buyers,[7] vacant properties with large equity positions, and active private lenders.[8][5]

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