"The Flipping Formula" HELP PLEASE

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@Rene Franco Godina  

I think most folks here would agree that your money and time is much better spent networking with local flippers, wholesalers, and investors. Use the money you would've spent on the class for some seed capital in the process.

Disclaimer: Haven't taken the course, but the marketing copy does make it look rather guru-like.

For anyone considering the Flipping Formula or any other "guru" course. Take the money you would have spent on it and use it towards marketing. Then you can wholesale, especially in the Boston area, for 10-50k each deal. You should be able to easily make your money back and then some if you market for 6+ months to the same group of people and build rapport with local investors via REIAs to source them deals. Focus on MFHs, because that's where there is greater wholesale value than SFH.

For my specific experience with the FF (yes, I bought into it and regretted it), you can see my other post reply here (scroll down a little for my post): https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/79/topics/147152-the-flipping-formula---sat-through-2-hour-seminar-and

For anyone seriously considering paying for their course: please PM me because I can help advise you on how to start  a marketing campaign or to better use your funds.  The guru course is not cheap and you only need a fraction of what they ask to get a wholesale operation going. 

Originally posted by @Rene Franco Godina :

has anyone attended the 3 day bootcamp seminar from 'the flipping formula"? if so, did anyone actually got POF for 500,000 to start making deals,(after completening it)?

 This is the exact scam company in the thread https://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/79/topics/185362-please-help-41-000-paid-to-a-guru-company-to-be-refunded

They change their name constantly to stay ahead of the law and are being investigated by several state attorney generals offices.

Currently Tarek and Christina El Moussa from HGTVs Flip or Flop have sold their souls and are the spokes people that are leading to ripping of their desperate fans. See page 20 of the thread link above for contact details. I suggest reading the entire thread.

I'd assume anyone writing anything positive about the scam is working for the company as on that thread you will see they have changed their name about a dozen times over the years.

If you REALLY care about people and don't just like bitching on forums you can go to page 20 of the thread link I provided and do something as simple as write an email and try to make a difference.

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