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Just curious if anyone else is going to Robert Kiyosaki's free seminar in Cheyenne in two weeks? I know he has few free ones in northern CO as well.

No plans on it.  

While some of the info might be ok, the purpose of the free seminar is to get you to the paid seminars, then then longer seminars, then the $15,000 coaching program.  You will get 100x the info by reading here all weekend than going to rich dad seminars.

Thank you for the guidance. I am sorry it took me so long to reply. I am nervous about going and I have learned more on BP in 8 days than I have so far in 4 years studying. I am still reluctant about going I am not trying to talk myself out of it incase I will learn something new but I do not want to waste my time and I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone. By attending more of these. But none the less I did book it and took the time off work for it I just am reluctant about the whole thing. Thanks for the heads up.

I recently went to a similar free seminar, but was already armed with the knowledge that the REAL purpose of the seminar was to get their hooks into my wallet by promising secret valuable information that would only become available at their next NON-free Seminar. Sure enough. But, I stayed strong to MY purpose which was to glean as much as I could for NOTHING, and research the rest myself - which is when I found BP. Thanks BP! Now I am SURE that I did the right thing in not paying for ongoing-endless seminar/programs! 

@Jon Mccarthy  Try not to be nervous - you CAN learn a lot there - but STAY STRONG and walk away afterwards.  Remember, you do not need to apologise to them for accepting their unconditional freebie; that was THEIR choice. Please tell us later how you got on. Before you go, here is another thread on the same topic which has been going for the last year on BP:-


Attend, network, leave the credit cards and checkbook at home and all will be well!

You can view their opportunity and meet like minded individuals and if you happen to see something of value to YOU (instead of what others may see or not see as value to them), then you do your due diligence and act after you are completely satisfied with your decision.

You can find wrong with just about everything, including that first new car over time, and a blog site has a ton of opinions and some take everything in, filter out the crap, do YOUR OWN homework and be confident in your own decisions. 

That advise goes for anything in life in general. When you start letting fear control your decisions, that's when you start missing out on things in life (good and bad) which in one facet or another only make you a stronger person in the end IMHO. Fear nothing yet be armed with open mind, open eyes, patience and smarts :)/

Have a Great Experience!!

The free Seminar was interesting however most of the information are mentioned in his books. 

But it's a free seminar go anyway, take whatever opportunities are given that can help you build your goals. You're not really losing any money from it.

Having read several of the Rich Dad books I can't really say that I learned much from them other than the general idea of generating income streams outside of your normal job. I find it interesting to read the one star reviews of his books on - they provide a good insight. There are a TON of useful real estate investing podcasts you can listen to for free on itunes where they interview actual real estate investors who share valuable actionable tips. Having not attended any Rich Dad seminars I can't provide any first hand information but there is plenty of info available from people who have attended them if you google it.  I definitely agree with Fred T. above who recommends leaving your credit card at home.  Personally I would rather pay for actual usable information in the form of ebooks and home study courses (the good ones) rather than attending questionable 'seminars'.  Best of luck.

Thank you everyone on your information towards the seminars. I have never been to any yet but this one coming up I will I am going to leave all money at home and just take what I can out of the free seminar who knows I might even meet an investor that will work with me. I have read a few of his books they are informational but seem to be a pretty vague out line and I am the kind of person that needs to details. Thanks again everyone for your comments and guidance.

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