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I am a freshman in college, about to turn 20 and i intend on getting my license this summer. Very interested in investing and wanted to know some books, that are great, almost mandatory for new young investors.

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A good book that is more on the financial aspect. Rich Dad Poor Dad.

The Compound effect by Darren Hardy. This will show you how to go about your income and achieve success.

Happy Investing.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller

1. The Essays of Warren Buffett, compiled by Lawrence Cunningham

2. The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffett's mentor).  Chapters 8 and 20 -Warren Buffet has said these are the 2 most chapters ever written on investing.

If you've never read Rich Dad, Poor Dad start there.

Depending on your situation with personal debt Dave Ramsey is a good one at your age.

The millionaire real estate investor is golden to set up a plan after you've read the first two.

Two excellent books are:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

Think and Grow Rich is a foundation book for anyone who wants to a system and process to become successful at anything.  Millionaire Next Door is good to teach one about how people with money really live.  Most of the people that look like they have money probably do not.


Richest Man In Babylon by George Samuel Clason

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (i know its Dave Ramsey, but for college freshmen Dave Ramsey is probably pretty solid advise)

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