If so successful in RE Investment, why invest in marketing methods?

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Than, Armando, etc, etc... so many infomercials these days!

If they're already so successful in investing/passive cash flow, how and why in the world do they find the time and energy away from all that success, to put into grand conventions all over the place selling their methods? 

Marketing for any endeavor worthwhile is key to success

But they are selling weath techniques that the masses are intrigued by

They get pscholgy coaching on how to stir people's motivation

Then they deliver that to the public

Caveat Emptor, buyer beware

Selling wealth techniques, yeah. I don't see the motivation it actually instills. If anything, I find it highly laughable.

 I do see the intrigue as they portray to minionlike masses, that anybody can just quit their day job, and follow their techniques in order to invest and get wealthy with little or no money/credit.

Then in teeny tine fine print at the end of the infomercial it states that most students of the guru make little or no money afterall =D

If wanna be flippers [or investors] would just stick to the three Fs (find, finance, flip) [or skip the finance and wholesale or skip the flip and rent out]  it would be much simpler and they'd save 20k to 40k+ to ACTUALLY invest in real estate instead of wealth techniques mumbo jumbo.

There are 4 legs of this REI Stool:

Sellers - Find them, negotiate a win win deal, cash or terms, traditional or creative.  Make sure they are motivated.

Buyers - Find Wholesale, Retail, Owner Finance Buyers

Financing - Traditional, HML, Private IRA Lender, JV Cash Partner.

COI - Center of Influence - People that can refer you sellers and buyers and lenders.  Think who knows alot of people.  I like financial planners and CPAs.

It's a lot more profitable to sell a room full of people wanting to be rich a 1000 - 100 000 training course. That cost them nothing to produce, no maintenance fees and multiple upsell options. Why do you think the Wolf of Wall street changed careers from selling stock to selling seminars? And he did that before he got in legal trouble.

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