Going to attend the SuccessPath Seminar with Flip or Flop's Tarek and Christina El Moussa Has anyone ever been?

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This will be my first seminar about real estate. I've watched their show, and am hoping at least to get a chance to meet and network with others in  my area.

Has anyone attended this seminar? 

My boyfreind and I are going on Saturday, we are supposed to get a free mp3 player, a cd with "50 ways to find your next flip" (I know I've seen at least that many times on BP!!  lol) and an entry to win an Ipad.

I will post back after Saturday.

Leave your checkbook and credit cards at home.  You're going to be offered the opportunity to sign up for yet more expensive courses, mentor ships, boot camps and what have you.

The key thing you are going to learn is when the next level of "training" is going to be for this guru.   I suggest you keep a running count of how many times they mention or allude to what you will learn in the next level.  

Maybe they'll share their secrets on teeth whitening or skin blemish removal.

Hi @Mary lou L. said leave the checkbook at home. Seminars are less about making you money and more about making the presenter money.  

... Unless it's Tony Robbins, I can't ever hate on that guy.  

Funny how many of these so-called guru seminars end up being sold on eBay and craigslist - at a fraction of the price - by former students who gave up on trying to make these methods work, or on trying to get a refund.  Caveat emptor.

I'm going in with a total skeptical view. I remember being hemmed in at an Amway event, and having to sit through the whole thing. Back then I questioned, why can't I just open my own physical store and sell this stuff, why do I have to buy it from you the middle man?

I never did get an answer.

I'm sure there will be lots of upsell!

BTW the people there will be total newbies also. If you want to network with some RE investors or professionals I suggest attending your local REIA.

yes, we just attended Tarek and Christina's free seminar, their $2000 3-day weekend workshop in Ft Myers with "Fryman" and the next level a $10k 3-day boot camp with Gary Russel last weekend.

At each stage, you get nuggets of gold (info, details, how-tos, tips) but you have to sit through a lot of "rah-rah" nonsense.  And, of course, you get what you pay for.  If you have some money to invest in real estate but do not have a background as a realtor or landlord or builder, you get a great deal of education, inside connections to sources of funding and other connections.  

My advice is to not attend the free seminar unless you want to invest in some training.  And don't expect to meet Tarek and Christina in person.  It's a franchise, they are selling training, and you get what you pay for.  Also, negotiate with them, never pay full price.  There are plenty of ways to learn the same stuff.  I personally would have been happy reading books and joining locals nda online R E investing groups.  But my partner needs human interaction to learn new concepts and someone to question and spar with.  

Also, everything I learned at the seminars is the same as you can get here on BP, but you aren't dragged through it.  The info is readily available, most for free, you just have to know where to look.  I never saw anyone get prizes, but I can get my own prizes.  I got good solid info, once they stopped selling the next level of classes (we weren't sold anything last weekend), good connections to local people, and access to databases of info not easily available to those of us not already in the industry. 

Long winded, hope that helps.

@Mary lou L. says "Leave your checkbook!"  If you have $50k to spare to buy their comprehensive program you might as well buy a house!


Hey @Mary lou L. I attended the free seminar and the first session of the 3-day course. Everything that they will teach you, you can find here on BP. 

The free seminar was great as it got me excited about Real Estate investing and introduced me to creative real estate investing. $1999 for the 3 day course however, can be used to invest in properties. I do recommend that you go to the free seminar as you can meet people to network with. Some may be new to RE investing but also may be small business owners in other industries. 

I'm also glad I went to the free seminar as in doing my research on them, I found BP and the information on this site is invaluable.

Tarek and Christina will likely not be there as the training is run by a real estate training company who likely pay Tarek and Christina to endorse them.  

A pretty common tactic with these guys is to do some "assertiveness training".  They give you the homework assignment to go home the first night and call your credit card companies and demand a credit limit increase.  That's supposed to show you how to ask for something and get it.  Its really preparation for selling you expensive services the next day.

Even if you go saying you're going to be skeptical, its easy to get caught up in the hype.  These guys are EXPERTS are selling you their stuff.  Absolute, freaking experts.  They will use a bunch of sales techniques that make you want to get up and go to the back of the room.  No matter what you think going in, you will feel the urge.

I'm not even kidding a little when I say leave the credit cards and checkbook at home.  DO NOT BRING THESE WITH YOU.  

LOL @ Jon. I agree.

I went last night to their seminar here in Fresno. And yes you will get the urge to pay for the 3 day seminar. If it weren't for my wife I might have done it. But she brought me back to earth. The only thing they offered that a newbie like myself was interested in was the lending options they offered through their lender. Other then that, the knowledge and know how I could find on BP.  I'm sure the lending options they offer I can find out how to get as well. Make your own choice, but know, that you will be excited with what they have to offer and they will have people in the crowd acting like audience members but work for the group. I had an older lady try and sell me and my wife after we didn't fall for the gard sale pitch. It was rather funny.

Thank you for the replies! I am ready for some motivation! Yes I'm leaving the credit cards/checkbook at home! I burnt through a bit this month doing some light rehab getting my property ready for the next tenant! 

Went to the seminar today. I did learn a few new things that I had never considered, Bailbond companies that take over properties as a source, and investing in tax liens.

The presentation was pleasant with no hard sell, with that being said there were a few (at least 5) that purchased the 3 day ($1997) and tax lien program ($997)

It wasn't a large group, under 50 people. Most left after the first presentation, the second was about investing in tax liens.

Oh and no Tarek and Christina, big huge posters of them though and a welcome to the seminar video in the beginning.

I did get a free small mp3 player and a link to download a cd about 50 ways to find your next flip and free snacks!

I am glad I went though just to be around people excited about real estate, and like I said I did get some good info and motivation.

I'm  glad you listened to the other's  advice and didn't  pay for more seminars. We bought the 3 day seminar for $2000 and the tax lien info for 1K. While it did get us interested in rei, I'm really glad we didn't  shell out any more money  for the advanced training.

@Nancy Cummings

I did the same. It was great information but of course there was the next "Advanced Training" for only $40,000. I obviously didn't do it but it's funny how they reached out last week to offer the exact same package minus the Vegas trip for $15,000. Only this time I had to "interview" to qualify for this. My business partner and I went as far as getting the contract sent to us and it looks like something made from a Word document. He took it to his attorney and the attorney said use the money to buy a home.

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Been there!  First meeting ends with an offer to go to another meeting for about $2,000.

Second meeting ends with a series of offers ranging from 20k to 45K. 

Presenters are not high pressure but make you believe it is all easy.  If it was easy we would all be rich from real estate.

They will want you to call all of your credit cards to increase the available limits so you can pay for the "training".

They have a software that is free for the first 6 months.  It really does nothing for me.  It lists other lists that if you do your own research you can find them in public records.

And yes, i spent my money and am paying the monthly credit card bill.  No simple way to get money for the purchase and no list of drooling buyers.  

The key from my perspective is how to finance the purchase, rehab, and sell in a time frame that does not kill you.  Who wants to loan me 50K to buy a very distressed home and then I fix it up only to have to find a buyer.

I have received calls from them and all I got was a pitch to purchase a 20K mentoring program. 

Some may have the assets to do this and just need some information, but I needed access to $ and buyers.

I've become almost 100% convinced that there is one real estate training company out there and all they do is create licensing deals with all the reality tv RE investor people. I know I've seen a couple of really good articles on the montelongo training stuff. And how much that guy is making. 

At first I'm guessing these investors figure its great money that can be used for more investing. But at some point, I'm also guessing that they start seeing the kind of money coming in and figure why bother with the investing. After all, they're investing in real estate to make money. But there's more money in the training these days based on the montelongo numbers I've seen.

Ultimately though, its no different than some company hawking $800 vitamins or $50,000 timeshares.  There's enough of a hook with the flipping shows and having these stars attached that it probably seems all the more legitimate and lends this training company just enough legitimacy to separate people from their money.

At the end of the day, though, I think people would do far better buying a handful of books, listening to the various podcasts out there (BP is great) and finding some REI's to meet one or two investors that will let them bend their ear.

The key thing those training things do provide is motivation. The problem is I don't think the people coming out of those seminars really get enough of an education to be ready for whats about to happen.  I know people always believe the key to investing is taking that first step and taking action by getting a deal.

But sometimes I think it would be wiser to take a little more time and let that first deal come to them more organically. Where they have been exposed to a lot more information and have a much better feel for the market and the deal they're about to get into.

@Mike H.   your correct there are about 12 companies that support all manner of this type of business most located in Utah... this is the way the business has always run  from the days of Carlton sheets dave del dotto  and all sorts of other motivational type speakers and presenters in many different fields.  And yes its HUGE money for all involved.

And you want to talk about professional sales folks and closers just to a Hilton timeshare presentation in Vegas.. or Crimeshare in Mexico  LOL..  are timeshares bad .. for some people no way they get a lot of value out of them.. I have one buddy an attorney he has 200k worth of them in Mexico and uses them for family retreats in awesome locations and accommodations.. Should someone on a limited fixed income buy a 50k timeshare maybe not.  there is no resale value as we know.  Just like buying a 30k rental in the URban core of virtually any big city no resale value and probably you are going to get a 30k education but with a lot more stress and sleepless nights than going to a Guru advance training seminar which are all up lifting and up beat at least while your there  :)

The systemic issue is for whatever reason people think RE is the way to rich's  the way to quit your day job  etc etc.. and nothing can be farther from the truth.. Yes RE can create an nice income.. and yes some get rich at it.. But its like anything else not everyone is going to succeed... some will   some will trundle along and some will flame out.. and in RE there is room for all three scenarios...  So really its the people themselves that are to blame if we are blaming anyone or any sales method.. they are reaching for things they think they deserve and can buy there way into it... Its really just the OLD MLM pitch's rehashed to talk about real estate... First thing you will always see at any of the these deals is the picture of the family and the reason the speaker is doing this is for his family and kids.. they always lead with that... Like we all want to be stay at home parents  LOL...

Best training in my mind is get a RE license and work in the field that interests you .. IE commercial leasing, resi resales sell timeshares make big bucks . work for a REIT or hedge fund .. work for a big developer or a big foreclosure buyer... etc etc.

Next is finding those guru's that have small hands on training and charge for it... I have many folks in know in the industry that owe there career's to these type of hands on day in an day out training.. and they paid big bucks for it.. far more than the 40k weekend warrior stuff.

But if you have no knowledge of real estate and think you can buy your way in with a weekend seminar then who is the fool   this business takes some time to learn then hone your skills a weekend is just going to point you in the right direction hopefully and for a few grand that's OK to... and for some the 40k is OK as long as you can afford it... Its those that cannot afford it that really need to get a reality check if you have limited capital no experience and no borrowing ability .. then your destined to fail.. some will make it but 95% will not be doing this a year from now. no matter if you learn for free on BP or other on line educations and podcast.. you must create knowledge and a base for yourself so you have the ability to succeed.. Many do this by being successful in the quote un quote day job...

My girlfriend and I just went to the Success Path Seminar in Southfield Michigan 9/5/15.

It was interesting to say the least and it's real easy to get pulled in if you're not careful. 

We didn't join the few that went back to the table, and we didn't join the tax lien buyers club or whatever it's called, although that one peaked my interest the most I think. We did stand in the group they pulled aside that had a pension fund. They were real interested about that.....lol

I really don't know if they are legit or not. I do know they want a lot of your money and that in itself is enough for me to step back.

I have to admit, I am still very interested in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds and even the part about using your retirement for TLC's but I'm not interested in paying thousands of dollars and no results.

If anyone who has attended any of these seminars/classes and it actually has worked for you, I'm really happy for you and wish you the best.

@Kadian F. did you have access to the 3% rate for funding in the 3-day seminar?

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