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Hello Everyone,

Before finding out about Bigger Pockets I was introduced and convinced to buy the Rich Dad Poor Dad education program. This weekend I will be attending the seminars at the Hilton Hotel. I can honestly say FOR FREE I learned a lot with Bigger Pockets. Today was the first day and I feel the program is moving so slow. I understand many people need "reprogramming" but a lot of it is just motivation. I was hoping I would learn more of the specifics that go into actually analyzing deals etc etc.. I paid $500 for this and come to find out they are still trying to sell me stuff!! I feel a little frustrated and deceived by this.  

My question is, does anybody here use the Rich Dad Software to analyze deals? It seems pretty cool but I know for sure there are less expensive ways to analyze deals (It costs $2,400). And if so, is it worth it? They say it includes almost everything you need..what I thought was the most interesting and useful is that it has all the foreclosure from local counties and all over the nation with a "click of a button".

Is it worth it to buy it?


Nope! There are plenty of folks here on the forums that are more than willing to help you analyze a deal. Don't fall for the guru nonsense.
I would have to agree, not worth it. I like Robert kiysaki's books but I'm not buying the training. It's all motivational talk sprinkled with basic knowledge you could learn on BP. Then they try to sell you more and more

Bigger Pockets has a free deal analyzer.  I would save the money.

thanks everyone!

I bought the whole thing from them. In my opinion, it was not worth the money. Find someone who is doing the kind of deals that appeal to you and offer to help them. Learn that method, then branch out/up to next method. Getting mentored by someone who already has a team and experience in place is the best way to go, in my opinion. Good luck!

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