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was wondering if anyone has heard of michael kimble out of austin, tx and his "REI marketing club?" thanks. "slu"

Michael Kimble has achieved stunning success in the information marketing industry--probably second only to Dan Kennedy himself.

I doubt that Michael Kimble has ever actually personally applied the investing techniques he espouses in the information he sells. That's not to say that the techniques aren't effective; only that he himself has never executed them. Why should he? He makes buckets of money via information marketing.

I would say that you should do enough due diligence that if you were to seek a refund you would actually be able to find someone from whom to seek a refund. Use an American Express card, for example, to purchase the information. Then completely papertrail your correspondence with his company so that American Express can advocate for you if you decide to seek a refund.

A lot of the stuff contained in his introductory offer is free so, at the very least, you'd get a bunch of stuff you wouldn't have to return if you decided to cancel.

If you decide to purchase and execute on his information, please report back here. Thanks.

Hi guys. Im Jay Turner, Michael's technical guy, I've handled the technical aspects of his biz for a few years now.
I can tell you, Ive seen it with my own eyes, Michael has been doing real deals for the last year or so, and still goes to real estate seminars every month. He's using his system and marketing materials to do this, and its very much on autopilot. Im so impressed with it, that a computer geek like myself is sending out my first batch of postcards this week.

I've tried to google him with no luck for REAL non marketing/sales websites on him. I'd like to talk to you Jay because I live here in San Antonio and have a few questions about him and his program. Thanks.

sure. shoot me an email

I think it would interest the rest of the members if you guys would share some of your conversation with everyone.

I wish he would stop advertising his so called flip machine as free when it isn't. He gets you to sign up for a monthly fee and and an upfront fee of $395.

Doesn't sound free to me. Free means nothing out of my pocket. It might be free when you sign up but don't advertise in bold letters or emails saying it's free when it's not unless you sign up.

I don't mess with people who try to manipulate people like that.

I just started receiving Michael Kimble's emails too- they are tempting, but I agree with Mr_Investor's remarks.

Any updates on whether his Customer Support is any more accessible and responsive now?

...Is Jay Turner still working with him? And Aziz, what did you learn from Jay?


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