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Recently been called to join  ROBERT SHEMIN Success Path mentoring program. I took the 3 day seminar and passed on the VIP program they charge 20,000 plus up to 41,000 dollars. Now they are offering 11,500 dollars for  unlimited on line coaching and telephone  for 1 year. Is this a scam ?

Find a local mentor in Your Market.

He also does his own seminars, I've taken a few of those and they are great!

Anyone that charges that much is garbage. All the big shots charge $25,000-$50,000+, and it's such a waste of money. Armando Montilongo, the Flipping Vegas guy, etc. You can find everything you need on this site, or you can look for the "Wholesaler's Bible" by Jerry Norton. I have it, and got it for free, but can't remember how I got it or where. Some of the people whose info I thought was actually good: Preston Ely, Cody Sperber, Joe McCall, Jerry Norton, Kent Clothier, etc.

I would look through this website and get all the info you can, and if you want to, buy some info from anyone who has a good reputation in real estate. Don't do any boot camps or seminars, or whatever. They get you there and you pay a couple grand for that, then they get you to drop $30K or $40K for their REAL program, which probably won't give you the info you need anyway.

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